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How do I make a Headphone/Microphone hub... Answered

Hello, I'm a tabletop gamer and I have a problem.
My problem is that sometimes I play at gaming rooms and there's usually a lot of noise there.
What I was wondering is, is there an easy way of making a Headphone/Microphone hub that players
at the table can plug in their headsets and thus ignore most of the ambient noise from the other people
around them?
I have an understanding of electronics and how to work with them. I just don't have the finer knowledge of how
to actually make stuff from scratch unless I follow a blueprint with listed components to use.

What's needed is something the "host" (be it a Gamemaster or the one who's running the game) can plug his
microphone headset into and the players at the table as well (let's say 10 players, so that's 11 headphones and 11 microphones).
And the host needs to have a means to talk to just some players at various times, and each player must in turn have the ability to speak to the host as well. 

I'm certain this gadget or something similar is or has been made at some point in time, kinda like the conference tools corporations use for their meetings, just a little lower tech than that, and it needs to be easily transportable.

I would be grateful for any help on this matter.



6 years ago

Better closed cup headphones, noise cancelling headphones, a multi-channel intercom system.


Reply 6 years ago

That sort of stuff is extremely expensive where I live, it would be cheaper to build it... also it has to be small and easy to transport and has to support 230V 50Hz electrical systems.


Reply 6 years ago

You could start out with a multi-input mixer/amp just to combine all of your talk microphones and headsets. Maybe wire together a bunch of old telephones for a simple party line. Depending on a cordless set, you could run the wires to a headset mic/headphones if it has the jack and it might have intercom call/page capabilities. Good luck.