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How do you go about writing your Instructables? Answered

After having authored several Instructables, I have found that some of my best articles would never have been published had I not just told myself, that's good enough.  Not necessarily meaning the content is light or hasn't been researched thoroughly.  I mean, reaching the point where you just have to do it and publish the article.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I have a tendency to make corrections after I publish, so unfortunately, the first viewers miss that content.  Maybe I should take more time to evaluate my work before I publish it, but honestly, I use that pressure to keep my momentum going, knowing that there are people reviewing my work.  What are your thoughts? 



Best Answer 2 years ago

I treat it like a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

i.e. I plan. step by step - just headlines.

Your title is a big attention grabber and i try to select something that I think people will use as a search criteria - However:

305,634 people want to build simple rabbit traps

but only 3163 people want to learn to programe a microprocessor.

and 152,205 want to make an electric racing car

I guess that says something!

I try to use language that all readers of all skills can understand and where I use a technical term I try to define it at least for the first time.

So I start by telling the reader what it is about, what the end product is ideally with a very good picture of it.

I then follow the headlined which handily go above each step.

I try to have some good quality illustration for each step.

Arriving at the finished product.

I leave it as a draft for a day or 2 and re read it - EVERY WORD! this combs out most of the silly typos.

I always use a spell checker. I check each link if any to make sure they work.

I leave it another day and re-read - if it looks Ok I publish.

After a couple of days I look at it again because of it is of any length there will still be typos! and I answer any queries.


2 years ago

I assumed most people tweak their ibles after publishing. I don't know who said it, but "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly." can be freeing. If perfection keeps it from happening, for most of us that means it doesn't get done.


2 years ago

Remind yourself that perfect is the enemy of the good.....