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How to cook infused egg?Help! Answered

Please tell me how to do! Thanks!


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2 years ago

Bring a large pot of water to the boil. Create two equal sized pieces of cling film, about a 20cm square each. Lay them out on the bench and rub the centre of each with some olive oil before sprinkling evenly with the herbs, chilli, salt and pepper. Remember to keep this all in the centre of the sheet of cling film.

Lay each sheet over a cup and push down in the centre to create a well. Crack an egg into each sheet one at a time before pinching in the sides, squeezing out any air before twisting the ends to create a string and tying it into a knot. Make sure it is fully sealed.

Drop each egg into the boiling water and leave for around 5-6 minutes depending on how runny you want them. To serve, carefully take lift them out of the water, cut the plastic away and peel it off to reveal perfectly poached eggs with the herbs and chilli fully cooked into the whites.