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Implementation of two way communication Answered


I'm working on a project where we're working on a tele-operated robot and we are looking to include the ability to have a conversation.

We would be looking to use earbuds and a microphone on the operator side and a speaker and microphone on the robot side.

Does anyone know how to go about implementing this? It needs to be hands free on both ends as the operators arms are being mapped to the robots arms.

Thank you.



1 year ago

You can use FRS radios that are equipped with a VOX circuit. The VOX circuit uses the mic to actuate transmit when a certain level of audio is sensed. It's built into many modern little handheld radios. The catch here is the first syllable or so of the first word in a sentence may get lost. if the VOX is too sensitive, it will trip just with ambient noises. Placing the mic near the users mouth alleviates this.


Reply 1 year ago

I had been doing research and looking into making full frequency duplex systems and having transceivers at each but your suggestion seems much simpler. Thank you.


1 year ago

Wireless motorbike comms system maybe?