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Inspired by Instructables Answered

I always loved making things, since I was a kid. But I’ve never thought that I would become addicted to making things, well, in this case ‘addiction’ can be considered as something positive!
Anyways, I can’t thank instructables enough for everything. Instructables has helped me in improving my crafting skills, becoming more passionate about crafting and becoming more inspired than ever! Ibles getting featured, winning contests, works being appreciated, getting to know awesome makers from all around the world… I was and still am enjoying all of it.
But sadly, I’ve seen only 3 or 4 authors in instructables from my country (Bangladesh). They’ve posted a few ibles but they don’t seem to continue. So, one day I decided to open a maker community in my university. My aim was to gather all the makers from every department of my university and build a crazy maker community and last but not least, encourage them to start sharing their ideas in instructables. When I started to tell everyone about it, some were interested, many were confused, a few were not interested and most students liked the idea but didn’t have time or making/crafting skills.  Well, there have been ups and downs but finally… I met a demon (a friend, who thinks that he’s a demon -_- ) and he helped a lot in opening the club. We went through all the formal procedures for opening the club, we named it ‘SUST Crafters’, SUST is the short form of my university name. We’ve requested for a room in the university center to build our workshop. Our summer vacation starts from next week, so we have to wait until the vacation is over to start making things. I’m very glad that finally we have a maker community and I really hope that the members are passionate about making/ crafting.
I want to thank instructables for all this, because the maker club in my university never would have happened if it wasn't for instructables ^_^



5 years ago

I have a friend that lives and works in Bangladesh and is an avid quilter and crafter. I'll let her know what you're up to... maybe she'll be interested in joining your group on some occasion.

Muhaiminah Faizzieak

Reply 5 years ago

It would be great to have a guest crafter on occasion :) Where does she live in Bangladesh?


5 years ago

Other than you found a person who thinks they are a demon, THIS SOUNDS AWESOME! I'm so excited for you and I hope you give us an update on the exciting stuff that will be going on, even if it's a group of two for a while.

Even though I've been out of college for almost 15-years, I have what I call Pinterest parties at my house so my friends can come over an make stuff with me. It's all about the invitation of getting together and doing something. If you have everything ready for them or tell them they can try to make .... (whatever) then you can draw a crowd because of your excitement.

That's a beautiful logo and the hardest part of any maker community is being in charge - but I know you can do it! =)

I'm wishing you some California Love & maker mojo - DeAndra

I want to come to that Pinterest Party, sounds so interesting :D, will there be any food or do we have to DIY ...ha ha.

Thanks a bunch DeAndra! I will be posting updates about the club as soon as we start making :)

Wow, Pinterest party sounds fun! crowd of makers, sharing ideas and making things, awesome! I can't wait to experience the same. Being in charge is really tough, but hopefully my friends and some junior students are working hard for the club. I'm hoping to find some members who are passionate about making or crafting.

Thanks you sooo much again DeAndra, it's really very sweet of you.

Have a great and crafty day ^_^

Tarun Upadhyaya

5 years ago

That is one great Cause, thank god finally someone is thinking of saving the crafters, everyone is so busy saving the earth ...LOL.

Thank you so much Tarun! well, in my country the crafters are on the verge of extinction! I hope the club can save them :)