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Job suggestions for a 13 year old. Answered

I was wondering what other jobs a 13 year old could do besides newspaper delivery? Because right now I am only getting paid $100 a month. Are there any other suggestions for a job that pays me enough money so I can give to charity and keep some for myself also?



10 years ago

Only a hundred?

Ee, When I were a lad...

My first paper round netted me less than £15 a month, and it was the local free rag - a long round. My next job only earned me £32 a month, and I ran a car on that.

  • Try local shops, especially those that open early (grocers etc) and need help setting out merchandise before you go to school.
  • Mow lawns, weed, rake leaves.
  • Lift and carry - go shopping with or for elderly people who can't carry their own bags, or read the labels with failing eyes.
  • Babysit.
  • Advertise as a Home IT Consultant, and do basic fixes for the Luddite generation who only type letters or send emails.
  • Wash cars, windows, driveways.
  • Do small repairs - flat tyres and loose chains on bicycles, leaky taps, tighten loose hinges on cupboards etc
  • Do local courier jobs for small businesses, delivering parcels etc by bicycle.
  • Advertise as an odd-job man, or "boy with bike and rucksack"

Reply 10 years ago

Thank you for the suggestions Kiteman! I could probably get a job as a local courier, if I'm lucky enough to find a small business that needs delivering. Thank you for the suggestions.


10 years ago

Mow lawns. Also, why not donate your time to charities, then you can save money, and feel good about yourself.