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Relay with small in size Answered

I have a relay with an Outline Dimensions:(15.5x10.5x11.8)mm
5V,3A--> Switching voltage 230VAC

Datasheet is given above..

could you suggest the similar capacity with small in size (not a solid state relay) relay ??

i was search website like MOUSER,LCSC .didn't find any suitable one.



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1 year ago

This is a pretty late reply, but if you're still looking for a small switching relay at that switching voltage, I know TELE Haase manufactures some similar products. Maybe something like their RA-730L-N? Here's a link to it if you want to check it out: https://aimdynamics.com/product/RA-730L-N/


1 year ago

I had a quick look at the datasheet...
It is already a really small relay and if you need the high rating than it will be hard to find something smaller.
SSR's are available in smaller sizes for this rating though.
If the phsical size is no problem and you have some minor skills:
A "fake" relay....
I had to get a really tiny relay to work with just 1.5V, so I made one.
You could try similar ;)
I used the coil from a cheap wall clock and salvaged two contact srings with the contact blocks from a small relay.
One pair of springs with the contact glued right in front of the coil - you can use a single one if you only need one contact to close.
The I added a thin plastic strip and glued another set of contact on so they have enough spring left to move and sit right in front of the first set.
A tiny ball fron a bearing was glued onto each outside contact block.
Overall size 1,5x0,8x1cm -the 1cm being from the top of the flat coil to the end of the soldering pins.
You could construct it vertically to be more like a tall capacitor in size comparison.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I think Mouser has relays similar to this, specifically in a category they call, "Low Signal Relays - PCB"


I am guessing your relay is SPDT (single pole double throw). For some reason, Mouser's parametric search calls this:

Relay Contact Form = 1 Form C (SPDT-NO,NC)

There are also parameters there for coil voltage (5 VDC) and contact current rating (3 A)

If you are looking for one as a replacement part you can drop into the same holes and have it work; i.e pins with exact same geometry and function, that will take some additional searching, and close attention to where the pins are on your relay, and to what they're wired to, internally.

If you can find something with the same functions, but the pins are in the wrong place, you can maybe put it on the board upside down (pins side up) and use long wires to wire it "dead bug" style.


This style is called, "dead bug," because a drop-in-place (DIP) IC on its back with pins pointing up, kind of looks like a dead bug.