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Self-cycling & Filtering Water system for science project? Answered

I am doing a science project to test the difference in number of suds between different types of foam sponges and nylon loofahs. At my booth, I would like to demonstrate the difference in suds by having water available and adding soap.

My question is: Does anyone know of a way that I can build a system that would allow me to dump and filter/recycle the soap water into clean water so that do not have to keep running to the bathroom to get fresh water?

Any help is appreciated! 

Thank you!!



5 years ago

Space station filters bear looking into.

Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

Filtering is tricky. So I think I would just use as much fresh water as needed.

If storage is a problem, just make the container bigger, however many gallons, or liters, you need. If the weight is too much for the table they give you, then store it on the floor, and pump out fresh water, via hand pump, as you need it.

Plus, as a bonus, if your team wins the science fair, that means you totally get to dump this huge container of water on your science teacher. No, trust me, I've seen them do this after the Super Bowl.


The team that wins gets to pour the refreshments all over their coach, and I really think this custom could work at science fairs too.

Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Do you still want the water to be soapy?

There are hundreds of ways to purify water but if you just want to get rid of the foam add vinegar.

Then if you want to reuse the water add baking soda.

And last pass it through a micro filter (Coffee filter) to remove solids like dirt and undissolved baking soda.

I would not drink it but you can use it to clean or flush a toilet. (It is called gray

To make it drinkable add powdered activated charcoal before running the water through the filter.

Other wise reverse osmoses is your best choice.


5 years ago

Run it through a Brita or Pure pitcher. The charcoal filter should be sufficient to get rid of the soap.