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Simple CNC question... Answered

This is probably really obvious, but I wanted to know if there is a better way.  I was thinking about how I would go about making a simple "mounting plate".  Then I realized that wouldn't I first have to cut it to size and then mill out the holes.  But then the since I had to cut out the plate it kind of takes the point out of the cnc, because I wouldn't be very accurate for the outside dimensions.  So is there a way to machine the outside, even though it would be in the cnc's vice?

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Best Answer 9 years ago

What I do with my big, real CNC, is mill all the holes in the plate, and then mill the outline. I make a jig plate by drilling and tapping a couple of holes in it, then screw the plate to the jig, then I mill the outside.

Failing that, I mill the outline, but leave tags to the rest of the sheet, which I cut off and polish away.