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Staining a paper straw hat Answered

Hi all.

I was recently returned a hat I bought for my ex, it was one of those "I'd like that" moments where I spent a few pounds on something that she changed her mind about before it arrived and has never been worn since, it's not a particularly expensive hat but it is a unisex style essentially just a white straw cowboy style hat in fact I have a similar one in brown.
Not being a great lover of white hats I would like to stain it a different colour but as I have never stained paper straw I have no real idea of how best to begin.
Suggestions from anyone with experience of this material would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.



1 year ago

That sounds just what I’m looking for. My lovely paper straw hat has faded and I want to put colour back in. I’ll try this, thank you.
Chris B


3 years ago

Hmm, is the hat straw treated with a slick coating? I would think that the fibers would not really absorb dye easily or evenly if it was in it's natural state. I saw a video of them dyeing straw hats in a giant cauldron of boiling dye. They have spray fabric paints that might work.

Nostalgic Guycaitlinsdad

Reply 3 years ago

Not nearly that hi tech, this is more or less raw straw no special coatings just a nice light weight hat ideal for hot sunny days.

I'll check out the spray paints and dyes in my local craft store this week.


Downunder35mNostalgic Guy

Reply 3 years ago

I don't know if you have something to try this method on first but I was told food coloring works really great and preserves the natural structure.
So darker parts go darker than lighter parts.
Friend of mine used food color in a simple spray bottle to "paint" his rice straw mats.
But they were sealy after with normal clear coat as the color was going on your sking once you started sweating a bit.