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Voting Glitch? Answered

I have noticed that the voting system seems messed up. So I can vote for a ible, then shut down the tap, reopen it, and come back to the same ible I voted for, and it says that I didn't vote for it! So I can do this again and again and again... Is it supposed to be like this? Does it give a legit vote every time I hit the 'vote' button? Is it not voting at all?

Help is appriciated!



1 year ago


I reset your account so you should no longer see this problem with voting. You should also no longer have the 'following' problem that iceng pointed out.

Please notify our support team at service@instructables.com if you see any other problems like this in the future!

Troy (tomatoskins)
Community Manager


Reply 1 year ago

Thanks tomatoskins, I can follow R_B now :-))
BUT I cannot delete my ironic comment :-((