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What is this made out of? Answered

I'm wanting to build these microphone props for a play , but this Instructable is really vague, only providing a loose list of components and no sizes. The one thing I can't figure out for myself, however, is what the outer circle is made of. I figured those curved bits were PVC, but a search through Lowes didn't turn up anything that looked like that. What are those things?



Best Answer 4 years ago

If you can't find a flexible enough conduit (check the electrical section instead of plumbing) you can bend PVC by heating it a little.


4 years ago

Seems pretty clear what was used.

You may need to use a bit of imagination to get the parts together.

Any further questions would be better asked of the author in the comments section or by PM

"The mics were fabricated from ABS conduit , fittings, and plumbing
parts. The microphone centers were kitchen drain inserts. The mic flags
were made from ABS scraps with artwork made in Adobe Illustrator
and printed on an inkjet printer. The stands were some old bases for
torchiere lamps I had out in the shop."


Answer 4 years ago

I just don't know which one of those things is what he used for the ring. I'm a bit new at this sort of stuff, and I've been having a hard time finding these things in stores.