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how to install aux input in my ford laser car? Answered

i have a ford laser. i want to instal aux input into it so as to listen to mp3 and i-pod. can you please advice the instructions and the wiring diagram.


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11 years ago

My first question would be is if you have a tape player or not. If you do, it is a lot easier to just use a tape adapter because it is fairly high quality, if not, I don't suggest using radio adapters. If you open up the radio, you should find a place where a three conductor wire is connected to the main part of the circuit board. I don't know how well you are able to identify the different parts of the board. I will take a picture in a couple of days for an example. Once you have identified this part of the board, take note of where the three wires are connected so you can re-solder your new wire there later. You know, I think I will just make an instructable on how to do this, because I have answered several questions on this exact thing. Also, check for an input either in RCA form or 8th inch jack on the back of your radio.