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loud sound shut off internet Answered

Hi all.

im looking for something what could shut down electricity for 1 second when there is too much noise. lets say with 90 decibel.

why? my kids are screaming when they are loosing an computergame online. i want to build something what disconect the power to their router for 1 second. talking to them doesnt help. so who knows how to start this project



2 years ago

I guess it's a nice idea, but what actually is the point? How is it going to help? (Are you going to tell them that it's how it works?)

If you aren't telling them, they won't stop yelling. It'll take take them a while to find that out, and will only annoy them. I think it'll make them yell even more, because they'll get mad even more when their game fails in the middle.

I think you're trying to find a solution to the wrong problem.


2 years ago

Don't underestimate the kids resources, they'll probably find a way to bypass whatever system you implement.

I'd be tempted to tell them off and use the three strikes and you're out policy, change the router wifi password if they don't comply.