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will any of the these batteries be strong enough to make this nichrome wire glow? Answered

hello, am currently trying to construct a disposable device that requires a power supply adequet to make up to 4cm of nichrome wire glow , and use as little space as possible. however, currently i am having a small issue as the output strengths of small batteries seem to be unpredictable, and i dont know wether or not these small lithium batteries will produce enough output to get my nichrome wire glowing,
for instance, i have a sub c rechargable battery for starting my nitro powerd rc car's glow plg, and it says it produces 1.2v and has a capacity of 2000ma, and it is so strong that it burns up my wire immediately, but then i use my single 1.2v 3000ma rechargeable aa battery, and it doesnt do squat, now why is that?, obviously i know the glow plug battery is meant to discharge faster and allow for more power than AA.

what i want to know is, will this small 1/2AA battery be enough to make this nichrome wire glow, which i might add that can be made to glow red hot with a ni-cad 4.8 700mah battery pack. and burn out with a 9v battery.


this is the battery i am looking to see to use in my device, as it is small enough, and appears to have enough amperage and voltage to be able to burn the wire, but still, as i tested out with my other battery, i cant really tell without actually having it, and i dont plan on waiting 3 weeks to test out the battery.

otherwise, if this alone cannot burn my nichrome wire, are there any batteries out there that are cheap (especially in bulk), are not much larger than this battery, and have a fast discharge rate,
or, if there are any very small basic circuits i can use with this battery, to increase its output to enough to burn the nichrome wire, as i dont ant to exeed the size of a large cork, or roughly or (3x2x2) +/- 1cm3

if i buy a smaller diameter wire, such as this one
will a AA battery be enough to burn it? or the 1/2AA

does the amount of ohms per meter mean it will get hotter with lesser power

i have considerd using very low voltage incendary light bulbs, however due to the fact i want to make alot of these devices whiches name i will disclose, i find that they may cost me alot more, than what i could get for nichrome rocket wire.

whoever answers this first , will get a "best answer" from me.


The MadScientist

8 years ago

Battery packs tend to be able to discharge allot more power then they're rated for for example I've got a 10v 750mA battery pack that discharges 26Amps.
I am doubtful that a AA battery will be able to make 4cm piece of nichrome to glow but a rechargeable battery from a cheap $10 remote controlled helicopter should be able to do the job plus they're the size of a thumb nail.
I have tested them and they can discharge up to 20Amps witch should be enough to make the nichrome glow, in fact I've made small pieces of copper wire glow with them.

i need a non rechargeable cheap battery, are ther maybe any motherboard backup bateries that work, i need a specific brand name or battery type, any that you know will will, as i cant afford to go trial and error on this by buying one as hoping itle work

Can't you use a chemical igniter with ground up match because I can hardly see one of these small batteries being able to do the job.

i have considerd using 100%sufuric acid, which is released when a small vial is crushed by a ball bearing smashing into it from a spring, which is held up by a pullable pin. however, the fact is, sulfuric acid is expensive, and in such concentrations is dangerous, though easy to make. i dont see it being wortht he effort when i could use a cheap 9v batterie instead, however, 9v batteries are rather bulky, and therefore impractical in very small grenades, which is why i am searching for a high drain battery such as a sub-c, but thinner and shorterr.

i was wondering, would 2-3 cr2032 batteries do the job, as it would make 9v, at around 90mah, about the same as a drycell 9v, as i have found a place i can get a pack of 5 for $1.

tell me, if i light a sparkler, can i leave it sitting on my shelf for a week without it going off, then some how through some kind of event, say, a pin being pulled out, have it mnagically ignite instantaneously?
the answer is no, i need an electronic one.
check my videos on youtube, my username is jpoopdog2
youll see my flash powder and hmtd jars, i wish to soon make a pull pin strawberry grenade, though from a very large strawberry.

i am no longer conserned with money

anyone who knows a non rechargeable battery, that will work, please tell me for best answer

now lastly

i want to ask now, will 3-5 stacked 3v cr2032 batteries work?


8 years ago

Not enough information. How thick is the wire?


Answer 8 years ago

it says that on it, the one i have is 0.08mm thick.

now, there is a reason i cannot use a helicopter battery, though i see the logic in it, and do have one myself, they are tiny.
my device i am building is a smoke grenade, which is why the battery is disposable, it gets destroyed, so i hope to spend as little money on it as possible.
hopefully less than $2 per battery.
i still must ask, will the 1/2AA work on 40gauge nichrome wire, with a resistance if 350ohms/meter, or would perhaps those fat lithiums for cameras work?