Trojan found....cant

Renos.y is the name of the trojan that my AV software picked up (trend micro antivirus), but it's unable to delete the Trojan and I can’t open the drive D, E, F. so what do i do now? Maybe I should reinstall my computer and restore the data with EASEUS data recovery wizard or other data recovery programs.

Posted by chris878758 10 years ago

Need your input on PC based Data acquisition product

Hello Everyone, I am a MBA student from McCombs School of Business, Austin, Texas. Few of my classmates and I are working on a product for the Data acquisition industry. We would highly appreciate if you could fill in the survey to help us better understand the market. The survey should take no longer than 2 mins. Link to the survey: Thanks in advance for your time. Deepti. MBA '10

Posted by Deepti M 8 years ago

Need your input on PC based Data acquisition product

Hello Everyone, I am a MBA student from McCombs School of Business, Austin, Texas. Few of my classmates and I are working on a product for the Data acquisition industry. We would highly appreciate if you could fill in the survey to help us better understand the market. The survey should take no longer than 2 mins. Link to the survey: Thanks in advance for your time. Deepti. MBA '10

Posted by Deepti M 8 years ago


There are several Instructables I'd like to do but they involve tables, as in spreadsheets, not where the Thanksgiving turkey is the main course. What markup format do I use? I've tried the one used at the Wikipedia but it does not work.

Posted by watermelon 9 years ago

voltage measurements

I need to make several voltage measurements simultaneously.  I am looking to troubleshoot a intermittent problem with my truck. Has anyone any experience with this challenge ?   I would like to be able to store these measurements to be analyzed at a later time. Thanks, Dave Sender.  

Posted by davesender 3 years ago

How can I feed a world map in a robot and make it understand what I would be asking it?

I want someone to help me out that how can I feed a world map and can I know that how  can I make my robot understand what I would be asking it  because I want it to trace all the places on the map which I would be asking it.

Asked by famy zafar 6 years ago

how to block this? Answered

This ip addresses killing my internet data, how to block this it's receiving data without my permission.  

Asked by ishan udyoga 4 years ago

Make a sata to usb data only cable?

I want to make a cable that is sata on one end and usb on the other for a laptop hard drive I only need data I have power all ready set up .on usb data is transfered with 2 pins and on sata with 4 pins  is their a way to interface this .

Asked by oob42 5 years ago

How to program the decoded data received by an IR sensor in arduino?

I need to use the decoded data to turn on/off LEDs. I already have the command and control codes of the IR transmitter I am going to use. IR sensor is TSOP1738 and transmitter will most probably be a remote using RC5 protocol. The thing is I dont know how to program the decoded data from the sensor. This data is need for me to turn on/off LEDs. Its like if switch 1 in the transmitter is pressed LED1 should glow. If pressed again it should be off. Likewise for 3 or more LEDs. I am using an arduino board with ATMEGA8 on it.

Asked by dinu.ds007 7 years ago

what are the power specs on the data pins for a usb port?

I am wondering if i can integrate the usb ports to control an outside circuit, so basically, is the data pins on a usb port pull high or low enough to trigger standerd AOI logic gates? Then, if im not asking too much, could someone upload a simple program, (any language but has to work on windows 7) that trips the output, turning it on and off? also, is it bad or will it slow down my computer if i send a constant data packet to the usb?

Asked by reverser514 7 years ago

is it possible to make a usb drive think it has a smaller capacity?

I have an 8GB USB drive, but it doesn't like more than 4GB of data. can i tell it to be a 4GB drive?

Asked by grizlybexar 9 years ago

Inefficient, Complicated, Slow Data Transfer Idea w/ Geek points!

Would it be possible to transfer data between two computers at the same time using a single large optical disc? One laser would write to the disc while the other would read it when the disc rotates around. Maybe a magnetic disk like in a zipdisk would work better? An alternative to a disk might be using magnetic tape. I've had this idea for a while and now I've finally illustrated it, Is this at all possible? Also, why when I upload pictures to my library Instructables craps the quality and turns them into smuddgy blurs?

Posted by Marble of Doom 8 years ago

Storing Simple Analog Data

Hey guys! I just got this cool little temperature (LM35) and I had a small problem. I want to upload this sketch to my ATtiny45 and put it on my plane so I could get the temperature from above. Only problem is I have no way of seeing it. So is there a simple, easy solution to storing a couple of numbers? I though I could just set the temperature every 3 minutes to a variable, but if I turned the board off, the data would be lost. So I don't need to store tons of memory just a couple numbers! Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 4 years ago

Apple floppy disk?

Hi,    I have been searching for a way to get the info from some floppy disks that were used on an Apple format computer in the early 90's. The disks are 3.5's. I have a disk drive. I have tried to find a converter  program online but none seem to apply to this.  I can't get them on the PC because if they are formatted they lose the data. Does anyone know a way to convert the data to PC inexpensively?    Thanks Much,   Savex

Asked by Savex 8 years ago

Rainbow Video Disks?

Anyone remember those "Rainbow Video Disks"? The bits of A4 paper that could store up to 450 GB of data? What ever happened to those? Are they available somewhere or did they just die? If anyone knows of some way of storing files on paper (via 2d barcode or something) I'd be greatful.

Posted by threecheersfornick 9 years ago

Is there any more suggestion?

Hi, I am seriously considering the purchase of EASEUS data recovery wizard or Partition Table Doctor and have some questions, I will give you the background of my problem - I was loading Password Pros (password recovery software) and during the loading process (when it was in the middle of loading) the computer was accidently rebooted by me. Now every time I turn on my computer it repeatedly reboots itself and never gets past this point. Just before the computer is ready to shut itself down and reboot itself again, it gives the message "Bad image check sum olecnv32.dll c0000221". Is there any more suggestion?

Posted by chris878758 10 years ago

Is there any more suggestion?

Hi, I am seriously considering the purchase of EASEUS data recovery wizard or Partition Table Doctor and have some questions, I will give you the background of my problem - I was loading Password Pros (password recovery software) and during the loading process (when it was in the middle of loading) the computer was accidently rebooted by me. Now every time I turn on my computer it repeatedly reboots itself and never gets past this point. Just before the computer is ready to shut itself down and reboot itself again, it gives the message "Bad image check sum olecnv32.dll c0000221". Is there any more suggestion?

Posted by chris878758 10 years ago

How to collect data from a machine.

I am an Radio Control racer, so basically I race toy cars according to my wife, and as part of the racing program when ever you get a new engine for your car you have to go through the Break-in process of the engine. If you YouTube rc engine break-in you will see it is a noisy time consuming process and during my last engine break-in even my neighbor got frustrated and asked me to reduce the noise. The engine break-in is a key process because it will determine the life of your engine an it's performance, so I started to look for options on how to do this process in some other alternative way. So I found in the rc community a person that builds a machine that actually executes this process in a very quite and simple way by making the engine run in a bath of hot oil. After months of trying to get this machine I never received an answer from the manufacturer so I decided to built it by myself with common tools and materials and buying the electronics from eBay. After a month of testing and running with some issues, I was able to put my machine together and make it run with no problems, but now I am looking for a way to improve it. What I want to do is to find a way on how to collect the data from the machine, like the rpms of the motor and the temperature of the oil, so I am able to monitor on my mobile phone. So if someone can help me out with leading me on what needs to be done I will really appreciate all the guidance and support. Best regard William Sing

Asked by WilliamS481 2 months ago

Help Transferring Notes From Old iPhone to New iPhone.? Answered

Just got the latest New iPhone, the phone co. transferred my phone directory and my service from the Old iPhone. But I have lots of notes that I don't want to re-type in! Anybody have experience with this ?

Asked by iceng 7 years ago

Any tips on memorizing a lot of information?

I'm going to be doing a really important test soon, but I have to essentially remember a lot of information, mostly geographical in the province that I live in and multiple choice. So far, I've been creating flash cards, but wondered if anyone could offer up some other good tips in keeping track of large amount of information, (as its important that I do well on this). I appreciate any and all suggestions, but I'll pick the most helpful answer as the best answer. ~ canucksgirl

Asked by canucksgirl 5 years ago

What are the best iPhone data plans in Portugal and Spain?

I will be traveling in Portugal and Spain (attending the OFFF 2009 Conference) and would like to use my unlocked 2G iPhone to check email and check Instructables. I am currently an AT&T subscriber, but their international data plans are too expensive -- $.0195/KB or so. Are there providers in Portugal and Spain that will allow me to buy a month's worth of unlimited data usage for a reasonable price?

Asked by ewilhelm 9 years ago

"Britain from Above's" beautiful visualizations of data

The new BBC series Britain From Above has some amazing graphic visualizations of data, including GPS, telephone exchange activity, etc. The patterns are quite organic and very beautiful... BBC story on Britain from Above

Posted by gmoon 9 years ago

Which would be better for storing sensitive information in an iPhone App, Core Data or SQLite?

I am making an app that involves sensitive information.  Which is more secure?

Asked by drmjj55 6 years ago

Android phone with cracked screen has pass-code, so I can't get my data! Answered

I have a samsung captivate, I went crawling in a cave and smashed the screen. The screen is absolute toast and I can't enter any info or even see anything, however the phone does work. How do I get my data off of it?

Asked by martzsam 6 years ago

The War Globe

Military Spending by Andrew Cooke is a neat quick project he created that presents the amount each country spends on their military in a nice globe. The idea is neat, but what's even better is the fact that he has all the source code and instructions on how to make something like this. If you're interested in data visualization, I suggest checking this out:Military Spending Data Visualization Example

Posted by lamedust 10 years ago

How to recover lost data from a hard-disk ?

Hello everybody, I really need your help in this problem ... Few days ago, my uncle needed to recover his laptop, but he had about 250 GB of important data which I could temporarly take on mine, w transfered every thing using a 16GB flash memory and an old 40 GB hard-disk, and he recovered his laptop and every thing was good then we started to roll back and retransfer the files to his laptop. Here came the problem, the images was transferred to the hard-disk, and then when we connected the hard-disk to his laptop, we were surprised that the hard-disk is empty, totally empty ! So, I tried EaseUS data recovery, Data recovery wizard, recuva, 7 data recovery suit, -and another program i don't remember- on both my laptop and the hard-disk but they get me every thing except these images ! Please help me these images are very important to my uncle and he can't get any another copy of them, any advice is acceptable and thank you for any help :)

Asked by Hawk-Eagle 2 years ago

See data on credit card with rust

Want to see the information on the magnetic strip in your credit card? Just take some fine rust powder and blow it onto the card to see the magnetic bands that get picked up by card readers. This won't help you read the information any better, but it does show you the hidden world in magnetic cards and that's pretty sweet. Another Science Experiment via boingboing

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How was Answers initially populated? Answered

C.f. Bumpus's Question.

Asked by kelseymh 9 years ago

Does a USB flash drive need the power cables found in a USB extension cable, or does it only need the data cables?

So, I have a project I hope to complete in modifying a tron identity disc.   Here is my hopeful setup: A flash drive is hidden inside the disc with a usb power cord extension going from it to the outside world.  My hope is to have the 5V of power coming from my computer turn on a set of extra LEDs in the disc, while the data can be accessed and transferred.  Does a USB flash drive need the power inputs from a normal USB cord to function?

Asked by Mr. Retro 7 years ago

Instructables 2007 Data Dump

I've been analyzing some some year end Instructables data and posting about it in the blog. Check out:Top 50 Instructables of 2007 Ranked by Pageviews - 1. Invisible Book Shelf - 399,647 pageviewsTop 50 Instructables of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments - 1. Laser Flashlight Hack!! - 1,229 commentsTop 50 Instructables of 2007 Ranked by Rating - 1. Invisible Book Shelf - 481 positive ratingsTop 50 Instructables Authors of 2007 Ranked by Number of Instructables - 1. trebuchet03 - 72 InstructablesTop 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments - 1. Mykhailo - 1373 comments on InstructablesTop 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Forum Comments - 1. Goodhart - 4168 forum commentsTop 50 Instructables Authors Ranked by Pageview Density - 1. dorxincandeland - 1 Instructable - 399,652 pageview densityTop 50 Forum Topics of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments - 1. Random fun - 595

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

I have 3 questions... Answered

1) Approximately how many instructables are there as of 2011? 2) How many authors are there as of 2011? 3)What is the percentage of instructables that get featured? I think its about 20% or something...

Asked by vishalapr 6 years ago

How many members does Instructables currently have? Answered

300,000 subscribers to the newsletter, 2.4 million new views per month, but how many actual signed-up members? How many of those members could be classed as "active" (for any given definition of "active")?

Asked by Kiteman 9 years ago

Year-to-Data, March 2014

Tl;dr: Check out this pie chart that shows the distribution of projects published in 2014 by category. The outer ring shows the channel within the category that had the highest volume of entries, along with the year to date project count. Do you ever wonder how the projects on Instructables are distributed across categories? I did, too. In a tenuous-at-best connection to the Pi Day Pie Contest, we made a pie chart showing where all the newly-published projects have been categorized since the start of 2014. That outside ring shows the most popular channels within the category, along with a project count for each. Some quick observations: (1) There isn’t as much food as I would have thought. It seems like people are posting food ALL THE TIME, but apparently the overall project volume is coming in via other channels. I guess we’re just getting a lot of good food entries that are being featured more often. The quality of authors’ food photography is getting very good, and the featuring team may be featuring projects under the influence of hunger. (2) Contests drive some (but not all) project builds. Since the start of the year, we’ve run paracord, organization, electronics, and crafting contests. And, wouldn’t you know it, those are the channels receiving the bulk of new projects. Even without a special contest, the Toys channel received an outsized number of projects, so we’ll see what happens later this year when we run a few contests around toys. (Pro-tip: Start stockpiling LEGO and KNEX pieces.) (3) Technology and Living make up just over half of the site’s new content. Sure, the robot has a strong preference for electronics projects, but we’re seeing a lot of great craft projects coming in as well. Either way, an army of hot-tool wielding* makers are creating some really cool stuff. (4) This community may be a little paranoid, but we’re prepared. Paracord and survival projects account for almost all of the outdoor projects we’ve seen so far this year. If I’m stuck in a rural farmhouse surrounded by zombies, I want some of you all right there with me. If you’re worried about the imminent collapse of civilization and are concerned that Instructables won't be around to help with the power out, you can buy a book of some of our best homesteading projects. You’ll be sitting pretty with a chicken coop and some rain barrels while everyone else gets punched over a can of soup. (Don't get punched over a can of soup.) (5) Did you notice anything interesting? Sound off in the comments. I've got some 3 month pro memberships to give away to insightful commenters. :D *or hot, tool-wielding authors.

Posted by wilgubeast 4 years ago

tv out arduino code stops?

I recently wrote some code for an arduinio to read an encoder and display it via RCA.  Problem is, it sometimes freezes on a blank screen when I'm turning the encoder.  Any ideas why? the code is below.  And yes, I know that the interrupts mess with the signal and it flickers, I want to know why it will stay off whenever the encoder is halfway through a cycle.  #include float anaval = 0; float value01 = 0; int val = 1; float value; float value10; float value100; int out; int r = 0; float pos = 0; int rd = 4; float incr = 0.00078125; TVout TV; unsigned char x,y; char i = 48; void setup()  {    pinMode(2, INPUT);    pinMode(7, INPUT);    digitalWrite(7, HIGH);    digitalWrite(2, HIGH);    attachInterrupt(0, encoderPos, CHANGE);   x=0;   y=0;   TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56); //for devices with only 1k sram(m168) use TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56) } void loop() {    disp(); // TV.clear_screen();   //  TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48); //   TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48); //   TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);   //  TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); } void stringer(){      value01 = val; value = val / 10; value10 = val / 100; value100 = val / 1000; value = int(value);//rounds the variables value10 = int(value10); value100 = int(value100); value01 = int(value01); value01 = value01 - (value * 10);//removes all but the tenths-place digit value = value - (value10 * 10); value10 = value10 - (value100 * 10); } void encoderPos(void){ //this is a state machine to determine the direction of the encoder.  //every half-cycle it counts, effectively doubling the encoder resolution.    r = 1;    disp();   if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){    if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){           disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }    }else{//same as the above code, but with High-Low reversed.    r = 1;    if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){         disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }     } } void disp(){   val = int(pos * 1000);          TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48);     TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48);     TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);     TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); //  TV.delay_frame(1);       stringer(); }

Asked by jduffy54 5 years ago

How do you manually erase data from a microchip?

What will happen to a microchip if I short out all the pins together?  It is not in a working circuit, I just want to delete the data on it.  I really don't know how or want to connect it to a computer so somebody please help!

Asked by aeronut01 8 years ago

Reading 12 rows of data from an SD card every minute and storing the data into Arrays using Gboard pro Arduino

Hi, I am working on a project that measures temperature and current, store it on an SD card (csv file) and send them to a website. I decided to sample the signals every 5 seconds and store the data to the SD card using time interrupt (TimerOne). My plan is to sample and store data for 1 minute and then read the sampled data from the SD card and store them into 2 Arrays i.e Array1 for temperature and Array2 for the current and send the data to the website. Thus far I have managed to sample and store the data using the time interrupt. I also included a count variable in the interrupt subroutine so as to know how many times the interrupt has occurred. Since I am sampling and storing the data every 5 seconds and I want to read the data stored in the SD card every minute, so when count = 12 I would like to read  the last 12 readings (24 since its current and temperature ) and store them into 2 Arrays.   The problem I have is that I do not know how to read the data from the SD card and store them into two Arrays and would like your help. Note: the Reading of the SD card will not be in the Interrupt subroutine Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks Muundu

Posted by muundu 2 years ago

How to rip data from a phone?

So my phone is now rather broken, im using a backup as a large portion of the touchscreen is no longer responsive, so my issue is that there are large amounts of data i would prefer not to lose on the phone in various apps and things that would not be saved to the sd card for instance the messenging service Kik, i have a lot of messages i would prefer not to lose  ive always thought when i wouldnt have an issue with a root going bad , for instance when i would have a replacement phone on hand, then i would root it and get the data off it so my issue comes down to is it possible to root a phone, retrieve the data WITHOUT needing the fully functioning touchscreen? for instance all through the computer  the phone's model is the T-Mobile MyTouch Q (without slide out keyboard)

Asked by JakeWhelchel 3 years ago

How can I get data from my dead Galaxy Player 3.6? Answered

My Galaxy Player 3.6 died on me recently and I have some pictures and a little bit of other data I would like to extract from it. I believe the death had something to do with the power as it wasn't charging correctly before it died. I'm ok with taking it apart as I am getting a new tablet to replace it. Also, can I do anything with parts salvaged from it?

Asked by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Arduino and publishing data online

Hi. I am preparing to start an Arduino project, simple one for now, that consist in reading temperature data and publishing it on the internet. I did in the past some info search on the topic of sending information to an online server where I could see the data. I had a list of several free sites that provide a simple way thru a url + a key to send information to the database. That was what I did want because that way I didn’t have to build, code an http server and so on. Now comes the part I need some help. I had a problem with my pc and lost most of my information, I know BACKUPS, but I didn’t have bookmark’s stored and lost all of them. Try to google for free online http data providers I just can’t find any. I want to send http code to a server using url + key + data and get that information publish on a site with graphs, etc. Can anyone point some sites that I can do that or other ways to get the same result? Thx for your time and help. Best, Serpa

Posted by LuisS94 10 months ago

any one provide me complete code and docs to post temperature on to thing speak using lm35, arduino uno and esp8266

Any one pls male me project on posting sensor data on to thing speak

Posted by iottrainingacpl 7 months ago

I wonder who makes the best instructables... redux

Wondering now who's the best [ of the best]? Well, here are those 50 users sorted by highest ratio of featured instructables to total:Ratio (featured) - [user] 1.0000 ( 11 ) - [/member/] 1.0000 ( 5 ) - [/member/nemomatic nemomatic] 1.0000 ( 5 ) - [/member/unknownuser2007 unknownuser2007] 0.9000 ( 9 ) - [/member/nativewater nativewater] 0.8750 ( 7 ) - [/member/iwilltry iwilltry] 0.8571 ( 6 ) - [/member/J_Hodgie J_Hodgie] 0.8333 ( 5 ) - [/member/gmoon gmoon] 0.8333 ( 5 ) - [/member/fstedie fstedie] 0.7778 ( 7 ) - [/member/technoplastique technoplastique] 0.7500 ( 9 ) - [/member/KaptinScarlet KaptinScarlet] 0.7143 ( 5 ) - [/member/turkeytek turkeytek] 0.7000 ( 7 ) - [/member/jesse.hensel jesse.hensel] 0.6154 ( 8 ) - [/member/Honus Honus] 0.5769 ( 15 ) - [/member/Kipkay Kipkay] 0.5556 ( 5 ) - [/member/BicycleTutor BicycleTutor] 0.5556 ( 10 ) - [/member/rachel rachel] 0.5385 ( 7 ) - [/member/Senseless Senseless] 0.5294 ( 9 ) - [/member/zieak zieak] 0.5172 ( 15 ) - [/member/threadbanger threadbanger] 0.5000 ( 57 ) - [/member/canida canida] 0.5000 ( 5 ) - [/member/woofboy111 woofboy111] 0.5000 ( 8 ) - [/member/babblin5 babblin5] 0.5000 ( 10 ) - [/member/indymogul indymogul] 0.5000 ( 5 ) - [/member/jessyratfink jessyratfink] 0.4615 ( 12 ) - [/member/msolek msolek] 0.4615 ( 6 ) - [/member/degroof degroof] 0.4310 ( 25 ) - [/member/fungusamungus fungusamungus] 0.4286 ( 15 ) - [/member/Tetranitrate Tetranitrate] 0.4118 ( 7 ) - [/member/T3h_Muffinator T3h_Muffinator] 0.3864 ( 17 ) - [/member/randofo randofo] 0.3750 ( 15 ) - [/member/samnoyoun samnoyoun] 0.3684 ( 7 ) - [/member/bofthem bofthem] 0.3659 ( 15 ) - [/member/ToolUsingAnimal ToolUsingAnimal] 0.3617 ( 17 ) - [/member/noahw noahw] 0.3571 ( 5 ) - [/member/Mr.RigIt Mr.RigIt] 0.3493 ( 51 ) - [/member/TimAnderson TimAnderson] 0.3333 ( 6 ) - [/member/matseng matseng] 0.3182 ( 7 ) - [/member/ian ian] 0.3143 ( 11 ) - [/member/joe joe] 0.3125 ( 10 ) - [/member/dan dan] 0.2872 ( 27 ) - [/member/ewilhelm ewilhelm] 0.2857 ( 8 ) - [/member/neelandan neelandan] 0.2273 ( 5 ) - [/member/prank prank] 0.1860 ( 8 ) - [/member/Brennn10 Brennn10] 0.1707 ( 14 ) - [/member/Kiteman Kiteman] 0.1667 ( 6 ) - [/member/radiorental radiorental] 0.1638 ( 19 ) - [/member/trebuchet03 trebuchet03] 0.1613 ( 10 ) - [/member/saul saul] 0.1316 ( 5 ) - [/member/leevonk leevonk] 0.0676 ( 5 ) - [/member/stasterisk stasterisk] Now think about that!

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Questions about making computer systems from discrete components?

I am interested in building certain components of computer processors with the use of discrete components only. I want to build on the individual component level (transistors, resistors, caps) and not on the gate level (quad and gate or hex inverter ic) and I have run into some problems. I have a few questions and they are large. If you can answer any of them I would be glad but could you number them so I know which one you are talking about. ((1)) My first question is about how to build logic gates with discrete components. I have seen some schematic diagrams for and gates, or gates and inverters; they all seem to have some problems. For example, an and gate might have two bjt's where the base of each is an input. My question stems from the saturation voltage of transistors. I assume that in logic circuits you want a transistor to act as a switch, and thus would want to make sure that the voltage drop is 0. I learned that to do this, you find the resistance value of the load you are trying to run and figure how much current it would take for the voltage drop to be Vcc. (Light bulb has a resistance of 100ohms, Vcc is 10V, V=IR dictates that the current running through the light bulb would be .1A). Then you divide this current by B (gain of transistor) to find the current that needs to be running through the base emitter path. How do you find the load of a computer, where the output of a circuit might run through paths of great or little resistance? Is there a way to make logic circuits with transistors acting like switches while avoiding finding the saturation voltage? ((2)) How are computers made so that they can sit idle and then respond to inputs. This might sound like a stupid question but from a programming perspective the only way I could think to do it would be to create an infinite loop that constantly checks for inputs or a 1 in some input register.  The more I think about it the more it seems possible that this is how computers do it now; I know that the're able to run many programs at once so it seems possible. However, how did early computers do it? If a computer had only the capacity to run one program at a time then it seems a program accepting inputs would always have to come to a halt when an input is requires. Is this truely the only way? How do modern computers accept inputs, how do computers that can only run 1 program at a time accept inputs? ((3)) I am also interested in memory circuitry. Looking at the types of ram, dram seems to be pretty strait forward. As I understand it sram is essentially memory made of logic grates where an outside signal initially acts as an input. The output of the logic circuit is then feed back in as an input and the circuit hold "itself" high or low (this description might be totally wrong). The problem is I have only seen schematics that show sram using CMOS. Is there a way to build sram using bjt's? ((4)) I have also had a chance to look at how rewritable rom (despite being read only) such as flash memory works. My first question is, why is this called read only? I get that it is nonvolatile so it's not ram, but it surely isn't read only memory either! Are there any ways to make rewritable rom with discrete components? Flash involves, to my understanding, trapping electrons with some kind of tunneling. As far as I know, this can only be done in silicon. If I were to make some sort of computer (or more accurately: a device that demonstrates the properties of a computer) would the non volatile memory be limited to non-electrical things (brain, punch card, magnetic memory)? ((5)) How are jumps done in the opcode level? Assembly has specific commands for different types of jumps. Lets say you are running an 8 bit computer that had 8 bits of memory at each address, can't you only address 256 addresses (0 to 255)? Lets say the 8 bit computer processor has 128 unique operations, and an unconditional jump happens to be the 100th operation. In the memory you write your program to, the jump would be written as 1100100 (100 in decimal, the jump command). There would only be 1 bit left, hardly enough room to write the address of where you are actually trying to jump to. My only conclusion is that you would tack a 0 to the front of the jump command making 01100100 and filling up the whole byte of memory. Then, when the computer reads the byte it recognizes the opcode for unconditional jump and reads the next byte of memory as the location of the jump and not  as a specific jump. Thus if you were trying to write an unconditional jump to address zero, the program would look like: ........ ........ 01100100 00000000 Is this how computers perform operations containing operational code and memory addresses that are written as one line in assembly code? Thanks for your time and help!

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Make a Data Tracking Form in Instructables?

I like to keep track of my data re: all the instructables that I have done, and have all the data viewable in one place....would be interesting to see others, as well, but that may not be a viable function. Privacy issues, etc....Ideally, by clicking on "you", profile, etc., there could be a "statistics form", written in Excel, or such, with all this data and more...Barring this, and it would be a lot of programming work, is there a way you could simply but the total number of views, for all instructables, to date, under "stats" on the "info" sheet that appears next to an instructable that you are viewing? I have included pictures of a form that I put in use to do this very thing. Something similar, perhaps? Thanks. Cman

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Print data to thermal printer using arduino

How can i print or display data on the thermal paper using thermal printer and arduino? what command should i use bec. the serial.print and serial.write doesn't work, nothing happens.. here is my sample code in arduino. void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   Serial.print("Hello"); } void loop() { }

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How to get data off a strangely burnt CD? Answered

Hi all, I was wondering how I could get data off a CD with really strange burning marks (see pic) because it has a backup of pictures it is needed to be working, and we don't have the original photos from the disc. When I try to access it on my computer, "My Computer" freezes so I can't veiw the contents of the disc Any help greatly appreciated.

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