pc teaks?

Pc to make faster

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MAC or PC?

My brother make videos and we have an iMac, lets just say it is not substantial for his needs.  Now just to get the point across we came up with a fair MAC-Pro, it has an SSD for faster boot and render, then a 1 tb drive for storage, a 4 core cpu, two radion hd whatevers, two monitors and no other special add-ons, price = 6,992.00 USD.  Now we came up with a massive decked out PC based substantially off of Dream Machine 2011.  It has an SSD, an intel i7 3.4 ghz (two more than the mac and 200 dollars less) a 3 tb massive kick ass hard drive which cost less than the one tb, 8 gb of ram for 50 dollars, the mac was well over 300.  The biggest newest graphics card NVIDIA has the 590 costing about 750 dollars.  Two 27" monitors a decked out sound system, a RAT 5 Mouse, a generic keyboard, v8 cpu cooler, fair case from cooler master, 1000w power supply, Blue Ray dual write disk drive thing, and the dream machine mobo.  It came in at 2950 dollars and every price for parts was rounded up to the nearest 5 dollars. Mac = about 7000 PC   = about 3000 Mac = less storage, less speed, less performance PC   = KICK ASS Mac = is it worth it just to do videos PC  = what is a good PC movie aplication/program

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N64 Controller to PC

Hey guys, I recently pulled out my N64 and played Mario Kart 64 for some old-time fun. It was a rush.Anyways, I saw a video on youtube of someone who hooked up their N64 controller to their PC, and all the buttons worked.Now I recently saw an instructable on something similar to this:https://www.instructables.com/id/SNES-to-Parallel-Port/But I'm not sure if that same method would work or not.I also found this: http://arcadecontrols.com/Mirrors/emulatronia/n64pad/index.htmWhich is pretty much what I'm looking for, but I want to see if there's another way that doesn't involve the creation of a circuit with IC Chips.Anyone know? THanks.

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PC Settings for Instructables

Hi all, What are the correct settings in IE6.0 for Instructables? Sometimes all I get is the HTML code? Thanks, Ray

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PC Jukebox OS?

Hi guys, I recently salvaged a decent PC runing on a Pentium 4. I got a LCD monitor with it too, and was in hope of making a DEDICATED jukebox. I was wondering if ther is some OS for  a pc thats sole purpose is to store music and replay it, with some customizations available of course. If not, I see that there are plenty of jukebox software out there to install on linux or XP, but I was wondering if there was any program that executes itslef when windows start. Please and than you for any help!

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PC mouse Mod

I have always wanted to see my electrical usage in real time. However, the watt meters available can not handle whole house wattage. I have an idea but lack the programing skills to pull it off. Use a modified usb mouse to read the dial as it spins and tabulate the totals. Because of the distance through the glass to the meter disk- a laser pointer may have to be used. Required to work: USB mouse Modified mouse driver- must not be recognized as a mouse in the PC customizable display output. Laser pointer? Anyway, if someone could help with the software that would be great- Thanks

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Home theater Pc

I'm making a home theater pc for out in my living room. I had some problems with getting colour through tv out for some ungodly reason, but installing the catalyst drivers for my ati card seemed to solve the problem. Anywho, the specs are:Pentium 2 450mhz192mb of ram (I have more that was origionally in it, but I was having problems with it just flashing off and corrupting the hard drive, bad ram = corrupt data so I have yet to sort out what's bad)A really old 6 gig hd, I plan to buy a 80 gig hd for it in about 2 weeks.Ati Radeon 7000 w/ dual vga out and tv out obviouslyI think it's fine for playing movies and the such, and it's a generally fast computer, (I have xp pro installed) but the hd slows it down unbearably so hopefully I get that fixed soon with the new hard drive. I've had a 80 gig in it before and I know how fast it gets. Anywho, I need suggestions for a media front, like windows media center type of thing, because on a tv, it's rather hard to see the print on the screen and navigate through files and music. I appreciate anyone that can suggest and software.

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streaming audio between PC's? Answered

i would like to be able to connect my laptop's audio somehow to my PC first i thought i'd just connect the headphone out to the mic in on my PC, but that gives *alot* of interference, altough i do hear my music after that i tried searching for some software that would just stream it to my PC, but all i could find was software to stream to PS3's, stereo's and other stuff so my question is: how can i stream/connect the audio from my laptop to my PC?? edit: solved with a couple of resistors in the cable

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Help for building a monster PC

Hi, I would like to build an awsome Pc, I have free access to an abandoned 2006 airport and all electronics stuff included!  The goal is to make a powerfull machine out unlimited resources. Sadly I don t have much experience in Pc making so I would need an experienced person to help me.  If you're intrested in exploring the opportunities of this project or need more info  please contact me!

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COD 5 Nazi Zombie Cheats/Glitchs for PC

Here I will show you the cheats in Nazi-Zombies. These cheats will not work in multi-playerAt the main menu go to options, then game options. Enable the console.You can either (if you've already beaten the game) go to mission select and click zombies. Or, If you haven't then go to the main menu and type, "Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype". Now your in the Nazi zombie mission.Cheats: ( you must type them in the console)God mode= GodInf ammo = sf_use_ignoreammo 1all the guns ever (and some not in the game)= giveallspectate mod= ufoany # gravity= g_gravity #Insane speed= g_speed 900 (or any number)And much, much more...I hope this video will help!

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Battlefield 2 pc problem

Battlefield 2 - Multiplayer Problem - After the map first loads, the "Select Checkpoint/Kit" menu pops up like normal, but I can not move the mouse cursor and the keyboard buttons do nothing in the game. Pressing Tabs-Lock makes the beep sound as if the Squad menu just popped up, but the screen stays the same (checkpoint/kit) and the mouse cursor stays in the middle of the screen. I can here the battle sounds in the background, and the checkpoint map changes flags as in real time play, but I can not start playing. This problem occurred after the game froze on 2 consecutive attempts, each freeze causing me to hard power-off the computer. After 3 attempts brought me the frozen cursor and keys, I reinstalled BF2 (just the original) and ran a virus scan. After the reinstall of the game, I tried once more to log on to Multiplayer, but it resulted in the same problem. The game has been working great for me for the past few months, and I was playing it already today.

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Wall of PC Case Fans?

Hello guys, sorry if this is the wrong section but, I was thinking of making a DIY fan out of PC case fans to keep myself cool in the summer. I've tried a number of fans in the past, but they don't seems to be very good. I usually put them right next to an open window to draw cold air in. I was thinking of making some kind of rig like in the video below, only without the bitcoin mining computer. I got the idea from this video and from when I was messing around with the fans in my own PC. I was chancing the speed of the fan for the PCI cards and noticed that it could get really cold if ramped up a bit. ) I was thinking of using 9 identical 120mm or 140mm fans, preferably ones that can be used with a fan controller. Here is a few of the things I need help with. How will I power the whole thing? What kind of cabled will I need? Could I use a fan controller to power all 9 fans? Can I even hook up 9 fans to a fan controller? Maybe I could use 2 fan controllers or something? What brand of fans should I use? How will I attach the fans together? Cable ties like in the video? Maybe I could make a makeshift wooden stand to hold them upright.

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USB PC Fan Controller

As this is my first post I feel I should say how incredibly impressed I am with everyone here, you guys are inspirations! That said, I have a burning question, so powerful that I find myself emerging from the shadows to inquire of you fine folks if what I am about to suggest may be done. I want a Fan Controller for my PC project I am working on. I want it to plug into a USB port, and allow me to simply control Fan Speed (either through PWM, or simply raising and lowering voltages), but I want said control to be through a program I run on the desktop itself, not by some dial or automated temperature sensor system. Also it is worth noting that existing software solutions are inadequate, as my motherboard cannot support the number of fans my case will need. I have been looking at Arduino and it seems that this could be a viable candidate, allowing me to tell it through the USB to either speed the fan up, or slow it down at my whim. However being new to this I am not sure if one could actually accomplish said task. It would need to control at least 2 fans, preferably more, and possibly allow fans to be grouped. For a better idea of what I intend... I am building a rather monstrous PC, the case will be themed and modded heavily, and potentially include a 7" LCD screen on the side. This screen will be hooked directly into the PC, thus anything I want it to display should be possible. My intent is to have it display a combination of system stats, and allow for things like control of fan speed etc... I have looked into every possible Fan Control device commercially available, and not a single one, no matter how expensive, currently in production will suit my needs either technically or aesthetically. I feel a small internal control device that will allow me to simply click a button with my mouse would be far more efficient and better fit the intended design parameters of my project. So far I have spent three months on the planning stage alone, and do not intend to begin the first phase of construction for at least another month, while I iron out the few remaining design issues I have. Any help or information you guys can provide would be fantastic! D

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PC to Mobile Workstation Advice

I recently made a old antiquated PC I owned into a mobile work space/storage. Sadly I thought I wasn't living up to it potential, so I decided to ask the always helpful instructables community for help. I am looking for any idea that improves the look, functionality, storage, of efficiency of the workstation. (But mostly the first two) Box Current Specs. 1.5-12V power supply, cant be removed. See picture 1, its the box behind the two probes. Lots of space, Im not afraid to tear anything out of the box to make room for something better. Honestly Its pretty crappy at the moment with just some plastic board shelves holding supplies. I will take any ideas, I would love for this box to become a great instructables project. Pictures,  Picture 1 is current box, again not afraid to change it. Picture 2 is raw space, (minus shelving) keep in mind the power supply case could also rig sliding drawers.

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how to install ppjoy in windows8.1 pc?

I need ppjoy  for playing donbradman cricket 14 in pc 

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I have two extra pc cases(metal side panels) and am looking for some ideas of what to do with them.?

I already built a home server and another pc is just overkill right now.

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what is needed to set up a home theater with pc and plasma screen ?

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help me

Give me some ideas for what to do with a old desktop pc

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PC DVD/CD Drive Draw

Does anyone know of an Instructable to tell you how to do this? Which basically will turn a CD/DVD drive into an actual draw?

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Pc Reboots Answered

I`ve got a intel 1.8 dual core, gigabyte g31m motherboard, 9800 gt 1gb graphics card, ddr2 800 mhz 2 gig and a 1gig ram in my pc with a 500watt power supply. Whenever i try to run the application badaboom( a nvidia application my pc reboots and i am not sure why. I just bought the parts about 5 days ago. Any Suggestions?

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What should i do with an old un-usable PC that im going to throw away?

I've salvaged the HDD, 2 sticks of RAM, a PROCESSOR, a CD drive, a FLOPPY drive, and a FAN.

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Pc giving me a bluescreen error. Answered

I`ve got a intel 2.6 dual core, gigabyte g31m motherboard, 9800 gt 1gb ddr3 graphics card, ddr2 800 mhz 2 gig and a 1gig ram in my pc with a 500watt power supply. Every now and then when you least expect it my computer freezes and my pc gives me a bluescreen error and immediately restarts the same does not happen when i use my old 8500gt ddr2 1b graphics card. Is it due to a loss of power or is the ddr3 version graphics card causing the trouble as my previous one is a ddr2?

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how do i make a desk top wirless ?

I have  a router on my pc, and my wife is on a wirless lap top,  how would i get my brothers desk top to be wirless / he is about 400 yards from me

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I have a pc with big problems. Can you please help? I have the information that you needed from the first time.

I wrote in before on this but I didn't give enough information for you. I have everything I need I think...lol. I have two desktop PC's. First is a windows XP and as soon as I plug it in it powers up, but it won't do anything at all. It powers up and will not shut off and will not send anything to the monitor and I did hook it up to a different monitor and still nothing. The first time I wrote in they had an idea that it might be the video card. I cannot afford to get another card right now so I would like to know if a video card from an IBM or any other brand of PC would work in it? I am trying to get the data off of the harddrive as well but if I can't get the PC running would it be possible to take the harddrive out of the xp and put it in the 98 and get the info that way. The PC the I am using right now is a laptop and would it be possible to hook the HDD up to it with no disk to use and retrieve it that way? Can I use the PC without a video card, would it harm anything if I run it with nothing in it? The info of the two PC's (1) Windows XP Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE Serial # 0026719817 DOB 4/8/02 (2) Windows 98 Model # MICRO ATX FMN ESSENTIAL 435C Serial # 0017666320 DOB 2/20/00 The 5 in the 435 I am not to sure about that because it is about half gone. I would also like to know if there are any books or free web sites out there that have the best top 10 or 20 tips of what to try on PC problems that you pro's would agree with thats not a scam for a novice. I have a lot of parts from many different IBM's, harddrives, CD/DVD drives,boxes full of CPU's, fans of all different sizes, RAMM's, Heat sinks and even other PC's and many many printer parts and so on and I would like to know if those parts are interchangabale with other brands of PC's. I am trying to get into making things out of nothing so I am trying to figure out what is interchangabale with what. I am sorry for all the questions but I am disabled and just trying to find something to do with my hands and mind since I am unable to work to try and stay sane. I thank everyone for any help you can help me with. If you have any questions please fell free to send me a note and I will answer any thing I can.

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how can i improve the processor speed of a windows 7 or 8 computer?

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how to search answered or not the question one asked? Answered

At the moment what i know to search is to scroll along the array of question to find the answer to my question.

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how will i find the answer for a follow up question to anyone that answer's? Answered

If will have a follow up question to anyone that answer through the reply button how will find there answer.

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Is it normal that a Dell Laptop isn't compatible with any external DVD player? Answered

My Dell Laptop model 8100 needs to be reformat and the DVD player is damage i tried to connect an external player but it does work is this normal

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Problem loading new drivers on my computer?

I have an eMachine PC bought about 4 years ago.   For the last 6 months I have been unable to add any new hardware to the computer, this includes memory sticks.   I will go through the whoe 'add new harware' process and at the end the computer will indicate that it does not recognise the new hardware.   The error codes always relate to a driver problem and this is always confirmed if I go into the Administration File.   I have tried loading drivers fom CDs, from the web and taking a copy from my laptop.   Always to no avail.   Any solution would be most appreciated.

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What front panel connectors do I need for my case?

Hi, am am building my first pc, and I need some advice with my case. I have some front panel connectors on my case that I don't know what I need to utilise them. I am using the Bitfenix Nova case. On that case,there is 1 usb 3.0, 1 usb 2.0, headphone and microphone jacks, power button, power and hdd leds. I don't want to mess this up and have a bunch of i/o that 1 can't use. Please help.Thanks.

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simple program counter ? Answered

Hello  , I need help,I am posting schematic. I don't understand ,that   how program counter know some instructions  (jump , branch , subroutine call ) I have attached two diagram.look the 1st diagram.I am using 4 counter. how to improve that circuit for program counter .

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how do I change the colour of my progress bar from green to ?? Windows XP?

The bar I refer to is the progress line that goes across the screen as installation takes place. The green is horrible and I would prefer a nicer colour. I can handle the registry if that is what's neccessary. Regards/.

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Command and Conquer Tiberium beta?

I saw recently that the Command and Conquer Tiberium first person shooter has been cancelled.  I was just wondering if (after my cousin showed me a trailer of it) it is possible to download the beta or production version of what they had finished? I've been a fan of C&C; since the first one in '95 and thought it would be an interesting addition to my collection. Thanks in advance.

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cheap pc racing wheel problem

Hi, i have recently buy a cheap pc racing wheel  i have a problem the wheel have a deadzone of 20° IN each direction so it annoying when playing game so, there is any fix to remove this deadzone? thanks, 

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Using Xbox wireless controller on pc

I am wanting to use my wireless xbox controller from my xbox on my pc, I do not have a wireless receiver for my pc, however I do have a data cable for the controller, would this work as a substitute for a wireless receiver.

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How to use whatsapp in your pc

Its do now very easy you open this https://web.whatsapp.com/ 

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PC Speakers IR Remote Bypass

I have a 5.1 amp for PC and the remote is not working. When plugged in, it goes into standby mode and can only be powered on using the remote.  Is there a way I can bridge / bypass the electronics so that the amp goes on as soon as it is plugged in?

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Desktop PC DC - DC UPS ?

This might sound stupid, but I was watching some guys build batteries to Electrical Cars using Laptop batteries like Tesla does (18650 battery Cells)  and I got thinking about creating an UPS for my PC. If Im not mistaken, most UPS convert AC to DC current and in a mains power loss they convert back DC to AC which is not very efficient I assume. So why not instead of going thru that process, why not power the PC components directly from the UPS in the event of a power loss or power supply failure?? My idea was to build a UPS that works completely on DC power, from its input to its output. So the PC power supply would charge it and the UPS would power the PC components in case of a power failure. I would be using this on a server so I dont need monitors or other stuff. All that would be require would be power regulators for 12V, 5V and 3.3V right? Wouldn't that be more efficient? (the battery would last longer due to less power loss on conversions I think)  And wouldn't it be cheaper?  Thanks, Ralms

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Honoring NES PC author Hatsuli

Eric's post telling us of ibler Hatsuli was recently bumped.  Hatsuli joined on the 12th of February, and posted his instructable on the same day.  I think as a community we should find some sort of way to honor him at this time every year.  It could be an honorary contest of sorts, a way to raise money for cancer research, or whatever.  Any and all ideas are welcome, but I think we should honor him in some way!  Thoughts?

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Nintendo 64 Controller to PC (USB)

Could sum1 pleez make an TuToRiAL, so I can learn how 2 connect a N64 controller to a pc using a USB end? I want 2 oen peepz insied off Teem Foretress 2. Title says it all. Here are some links to the pinouts: N64: http://forums.benheck.com/viewtopic.php?t=11880 USB Wire Pinouts: Green = Data+ White = Data- Black = Ground Red = +5v DC Have any ideas?

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How to connect a drone remote to a PC

I have a drone controller that I don't use anymore and I was wondering if it is possible to tur it into a controller for PC(for games). It's using 2.4 Ghz band.

Asked by HQVL 11 months ago

What to do with an old pc case? Answered

Have an old pc case sitting around that i dont use!! Nd i want to get started in case modding but with a twist this one is modded into soethin else not a a pc but sumthing cool and weired!! So far i have coffe machine mini greenhouse and fish tank!! any ideas you guys mught have?

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Control your pc with Kinect sensor?

I am running windows 7 64bit, after getting the xbox kinect for my 360, I thought it would be a good idea to control my laptop with it, I have installed the necessary drivers to use the motor, audio and camera although the programs for keyboard mapping won't connect to the camera. I have FAAST, Open NI prime sense and yet none of these will pick up the sensor. here are some websites I have looked at: http://people.ict.usc.edu/~suma/faast/ http://www.wolfgangherfurtner.com/ http://openkinect.org/wiki/Main_Page I have followed all the steps on the open kinect website yet it is still not working. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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How much is my PC worth?

I don't think I would actually decide to change PCs, but if I were to sell it let's say on Craigslist, what would be a good price? It's an HP Pavilion Slimline. Dual Core 2.50GHz Intel Pentium E5200. 800MHz System Bus 2MB L2 Cache. Running Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit with 3GB RAM and 286GB Hard Drive. An average HP keyboard and mouse both wired. No camera. CD R CD RW drive. 3 USB ports broken on back but 4 port Rocketfish USB Hub. A Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 GPU at 1GB. If that's not enough info just let me know. I hope it is at least maybe $350! Last question, is $699.99 a good price for a HPE h8-1360t? Its 3.4GHz and a 2GB NVidia GeForce GT630 with 8GB RAM and 1T hard drive, just to sum it up.

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microcontroller 8051 seriel interfacing with pc

I want coding of microcontroller seriel interfacing to pc in assemble and c both

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Composite video output from PC to TV

Does anybody know how to install a composite video jack into the back of a computer to output video to a television? I just want to put a female rca jack in the back of my PC. Any ideas?

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can i play ps3 games on my pc?

Asked by Spencer1231! 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago