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A coating for Duct Tape? Answered

Hello Instructables! I have a duct tape question for you!

I am in need of a coating for the tape, and would like to know what you guys suggest

I plan on making a duct tape satchel and I don't want the edges of each piece of the tape to fray at all.
I made a phone case out of tape and noticed that it frays a lot when I put it in my pocket.

I was wondering if there is any sort of glue that I can coat my phone case (and future-satchel) with that would be keep the tape from fraying and peeling 

Currently, I am using Nashua duct tape.


To the poster talking about making wallet stiffer. Try getting a hold of super thin plastic and sandwich between folds. Then get vinyl wrap for outside and heat gun on. You can get awesome viny. Hope this helps have not tried yet but am goin to post when finished. Possibly Lime Green/Black Carbon fiber vinyl wrap wallet and tablet case. But am going to try wrapping duct tape first to see what happens.


3 years ago

Cover it with wide vinyl tape (electrical tape) it even comes in colors now.

Your bag won't fray so badly as your wallet, simply because you aren't shoving it in and out of your pocket several times each day.

I just finished it and you were right!
I also used scissors to cut the tape (instead of just ripping it into smaller pieces), and that seems to have made the edges a lot more durable.

Are you posting an instructable?

It's duct tape, it's cheap and it will fray. Just make a new one as the old wears out. Any coating you use will either stiffen things to the point it cracks or will wear out over time as well.

I'm already on my third duct tape phone case due to fraying.

And I was actually hoping for something that would stiffen up the satchel so I can use less layers of it.

My satchel used significantly less tape than I anticipated, so remaking it is a lot more plausible than I thought it would be.