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Altec Lansing Speaker Control Pod ? Answered

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but im trying to build a new Controller ( Volume up, down, Bass, power, ect) for my speakers. Old pod broke and got thrown out some time ago and company stoped making parts. Im not a tech person but ill put down everything i know about the controller in hopes one can help me. Model was MX6021,
It used 8-pin mini-DIN cable...It had volume +/-, Bass +/-, and most importantly it switched on the subwoofer which the speakers connect to. I really have no idea where to start on buying electronic parts..Thanks in advanced if anyone replys..
Here are some links for pictures..

vmart. pk/images/detailed/9/mx6021_5.jpg

glidemagazine. com/hiddentrack/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Controller.jpg

images.hardwarezone. com/upload/files/2010/01/67921c4ed1.jpg


No, I'm afraid I don't know where to find a schematic or parts, but I do have a suggestion that *might be helpful. Try Ebay. You may find a pod or an entire speaker system .Once you have a working unit, you can duplicate and either give the working one away, use it elsewhere, or sell the one your purchase on Ebay.

In fact, I see one on ebay for parts right now. the first item in the list. Be quick, it loks like the auction expires soon, but current bid is only $1.30...

good luck

Hey friend would you mind sending me a link to said item? Searching ebay and amazon was the first thing i tried but I couldnt find anything, that would really save me a lot of trouble!

Hmm..Apparently, Instructables clumsily written "embed link" tool isn't working... again.

Sorry, but I got the link last night doing a dynamic google search for "Altec Lansing mx6021 parts" and no personal offense, but I'm not doing it again.

(If you have a problem with that, direct complaints to Instructables web dev team, since it's their crappy editor that caused the issue)

Google using the same wording to find the link I found. It was the first or second "real" response (not the top level paid advertiser's hits they place at the head of the list).

Not sure if you know this but google is personally customized and different results come about for different people I tried searching using thoes exact words but couldnt come up with anything, if its not to much to ask my email is below, I would greatly appreciate it


I've reused a couple such subwoofers. One of them had the full pinout posted online, I'd look for that first. If it had more pins than buttons, then there's a good chance that they were just connected to a rail, and each button fed directly to a pin. If that's true, it should be trivial to make a new one, just open the device, find a ground connection, and connect each pin to that in series, and see what happens.

The images suggest that the controller has many functions, aux in, several LEDS, and many buttons, so this seems unlikely.

Instead, you will probably have to find out the communication protocol (likely serial of some kind, from the others that I could find), and use a microcontroller. A standard arduino should be able to handle standard serial communications, but some strange protocol may require some complicated programming.

You may get lucky, and only need a pot or a button or two (one of my subs only needed that). If not, and you don't feel like messing around with all of that, most boards will have a few points where a signal can be applied without using the remote at all, and they will still work. I've had one such amp, but this is fairly abnormal. If you can't find someone else who has used the same device, or find an old pod you can borrow to sniff the protocol of, then it seems unlikely that you can find the commands and protocol by manually.