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Another British Contribution to the World's Cultural Richness Answered

For the clarification of our colonial readers, "pants" are what British people wear under "trousers".

From the BBC:

A South Tyneside man is claiming the world record for wearing the most pairs of underpants at the same time.

Gary Craig from Whitburn put on 211 pairs - 11 more than the current official record of 200.

The 51-year-old, who has dubbed himself the Geordie Pantsman, completed the task in 25 minutes. By the end, he said he looked like a "giant tennis ball".
He began by putting on a pair of 40-inch underpants (size large) and finished with a 60-inch (size 4XL) pair.

Speaking afterwards, he said: "It feels pretty sore at the minute but I'm just absolutely delighted.

"I wanted to really crack it and give the Australians something to think about. I deliberately went one over the 10 just to make sure."

He added: "The great thing was I had lots of people there to support me and that made a big difference.

"I felt like if I'd had more pants I could have carried on."

Mr Craig has so far raised about £3,000 for the St. Simon's Drop-in Centre for the unemployed and underprivileged in South Shields, as well as the Cancer Connections charity.

Gary's own website, with link to donate to the charities concerned.


Thank goodness, the great British eccentrics still live!

 There is still time to get the Kiteman mini-mascot doll into the critter contest, just saying...


8 years ago

So it's true, beer and boredom don't go together!  ;->

A colleague and I had a discussion, and we think the most common last words in the UK are; "Hold my beer, I want to try something...".

lol, I don't think that's just in the UK!

.  ROFLMAO  That sounds a lot like a Redneck's last words: Hey, y'all! Watch this! (No Redneck would allow anyone else to touch their beer, 'cept maybe one of the kids)

You must be so proud? (Kidding of course)

"For the clarification of our colonial readers, "pants" are what British people where under "trousers"
You mean wear?

Of course, what was I thinking?

I won't say anything, if you don't

We really don't help ourselves

All hail the King of the Underpants Gnomes!