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Automated arduino Water gun Answered

Hi, Im looking for some advice on a current project.. The idea is to build an arduino controlled water turret that sprays water at cats in my back garden. The basis of the idea is a few PIRs to cover 360 degrees, a stepper motor and possibly a windscreen washer kit to spray the water. I want the project to be portable so dont particually want to have a mains water feed. My main issue is the method of spraying the water, Im considering a 12v pump kit but thinking there could be an issue with how far one of these pumps would actually spray the water. I have an ardunio uno and a couple PIRs and dont want to be spending a great amount of money on the project although if i can find a decent method of firing the water then i could increase the budget slightly. 
Any ideas or similar projects out there where i might get some inspiration? 
Any help would be appriciated


I don´t think that PIR Sensors will fit your needs. Maybe you want to build some kind of radar with ultrasonic sensors. You have to store each value per step and compare them to the new values. IF they ar different (use some tolerance here) than fire. Check: https://github.com/indiejoseph/Radar or google for "hc sr04 radar" ... hopefully we will see some videos :-P

You could just use a solenoid valve https://www.adafruit.com/products/997?gclid=CJS8zuK0ksICFetj7Aod0loAMQ to actuate a sprinkler head or one of those lawn sprinklers with fixed aim. You would get better coverage. Of course, that would just run off of the regular hose pressure from the tap and respond much quicker than firing up a pump.