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Boston "bomb" scare Answered

Anybody else think the Boston Bomb Squad's a little jumpy?


It's not the bomb squad... its the people that reported it.... It's sad when things like this have to be said... "...dangers of staging such a stunt in the post-Sept. 11 world." who's wining this intangible war?

shouldn't the bomb squad be able to think on their own? it's as much their fault as the people who called them in. "no sir, it's just a toy. what was that? sorry, i couldn't hear you over the press conference. blow it up and put in for overtime and hazzard pay? if you insist..."

I agree with you. A simple X-ray would have said it all (and probably did). But it goes back to the people. The same people hopped up on media cocaine from speculation. These are the same people that would only be satisfied if the objects were "neutralized." I'm sure the bomb squad knew what it was. And if they didn't we're in a lot of trouble. I'll bet they were under pressure to take action OR their policy has changed requiring them to detonate them. <-- the whole the terrorist have won "post 9-11 society" It makes me angry. And as one said on the make: blog. The real threat will come with permits...

i guess Turner is covering all the legal fees-cheap for the amount of advertising they are getting for the show...

I saw the lightboards on CNN, and they hardly looked like bombs, especially with all the LEDs on it. Bomb squads are fine, charges for creating a panic are unneccessary.

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