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Can I use Transceiver from an old cordless phone to control RC plane? Answered

Basically I am thinking of controlling my first RC Plane (yet to be build, currently I am in design phase)  using old cordless phone and its receiver base. I am wondering if someone has already done something like this or if someone can point me to some source.

Any pointer are much appreciated...




Best Answer 8 years ago

No, I don't see how you would do that.  You might be able to make some sort of very primative control like an on/off switch, but you wouldn't be able to do anything like proportional control that a $75 set can do.  I doubt that you would even get 50' in range either.

A modern rc controller uses pulses to control how far the servo turns and in which direction.  It has several channels to control different functions.  So I guess you can see that the phone just wouldn't work.

A servo is controlled by a series of on/off pulses, the trick would be to get different channels for different servos.

On a second thought, i agree with you. I think buying a good RC controller would be a future safe investment..

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There's no practical way of doing it: the radio used is completely the wrong frequency, and even if you could do the rest of the control thing, the signals used would be ILLEGAL for RC planes