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Chain mail help please! Answered

I am making chain maille armor, and I am winding the wire myself. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to hack an 18volt battery operated drill as the motor so I could just push the button while I'm winding the wire on my, I think it's called a mandrel or something. I can post pics if necessary. Thanks in advance!?


so...using the multiple instrucables here on the site didn't help? https://www.instructables.com/id/Riveted-Maille-from-Scratch/

That on explains it rather perfectly. If you don't want riveted maille, then just cut the rings round, not overlapping.

Sorry Dude. That didn't really help. I'm not doing riveted maille, I'm doing butted. Thanks for the suggestion, I just wanted to modify my drill to use as the motor

no, you didn't read what I said - its the EXACT same procedure. Just cut full circles, not overlapping circles.

As for running the mandrel with a drill - run the mandrel with a drill. That's the easy part.

.  I'm not sure what you want to do:
use a remote switch for the drill?
couple the drill to your mandrel?
something else?

Well, kinda both. I want to be able to move the trigger onto the mandrel so that the rig is more compact and easy to use, and also connect the drill to the mandrel so I'm not having to use a vice-grips to turn the bar as I wind, allowing me to focus more on the winding .

. Wiring a remote switch should be very easy - just wire a suitable switch in parallel with the existing switch. As for the rest, I'm having a hard time visualizing what you mean. How about those pics?

Ok. I'm not at my own computer right now, but I'll get the pics up as soon as i can. It's a pretty simple mandrel. It's about a 1.5 foot 2x6 base, with two 6inch 2x4s on each end, with a 1/2 inch pipe through the 2x4s. I originally used a large vice-grips to turn the pipe, but now the drill turns it. I just want to make it so the button is on the 2x6 base for easy access.