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Chumby on sale Answered

Costco is selling the Chumby One for $99 shipped. It's a good deal if you just want to use it for its basic features and an even better one for using all the widgets or if you want to hack it and use it for many other purposes such as making your own 3G router.

Chumby One at Costco via adafruit


i bought it from costco, and it is on my return to costco pile.
it seems in the year of 2010, the chumby, eventhough it has a usb 2.0 port, is unable to let me use a thumbdrive to copy and paste my wpa2 passphrse, which is 64 random characters long .  I would consider this standard wifi security.  chumby chat and their tech support said i had to enter the 64 characters via their tap tuch screen  keyboard. i reminded them it was 2010, and i  wasn't going to waste my time trying to enter my 64 characters.
every other item i have that is wifi ,enables me to copy and paste my secure  wifi key via thumbdrive or sd/micro sd card.
i cant believe the device is that backwards, and obviously i don't have the  patience to enter 64 characters. $100 bucks more and get a netbook with open source operating system., that includes a  6 cell battery, and  it is probably a better deal.

Or you could buy an iPhone 3g (not 3gS) for the same price.

But then it's a phone that you'll need to pay $80 a month for. The iPod touch is closer and that's $199.

It looks pretty cool. I think I remember Attack Of The Show ripping on it for some reason, though. It makes me wish I had 99 USD to blow.