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Collections? Favorites? Shortcuts? Answered

I have just started getting involved with this site, and I noticed I could put an Instructable project in a "collection" or I could mark it a "favorite".  I decided to try putting the two related Instructables I was looking at into a Collection for myself, just to be able to find them again.

It says I have a "draft" that is not "published".  Perhaps I am not understanding the purpose of Collections.  Are they something that others are supposed to look at and find useful somehow?  What exactly is the intended purpose of this function?

Should I just have marked the two Instructables "favorite"?  There are also "shortcuts"?  These were both electronics related, and decided I might conceivably also find myself wanting to save food or woodworking Instructables as well, and I thought it might be nice to be able to sort them, so I used the "collection" function instead.  Do I have to eventually publish these?  Can i just have a bunch of personal collections to sort things I want to be able to find again?  I guess I could have just bookmarked them in my browser too...

I really couldn't find any information on the site about what Collections are supposed to be or be for. 
Is there a guide to how to use this site?
Input or informational links from the community are appreciated.



Thanks Alison for asking this question. It took me forever to figure this out, lol. Now I know for sure.

Collections are normally for showing off. It will remain as "draft", invisible to other members, until you hit "publish".

"Favourites" creates a list on your orange page (the page you go to when you hit the "You" button) that can be seen by anybody. Think of it as the equivalent of a Like button.

"Shortcuts" are links to areas in the site, that you select from a list available on your You page - have a play with the settings.

I also was curious about collections. Like the OP, I would rather put each favorite instructable in its own category. I have several collection "drafts" that I don't want to publish because they're not my work (and it's redundant). I would like to share the collection with friends though. Is there a way to do that? Thanks

Right now, the only way to sort, collate, or otherwise group various projects is to create a collection. You don't have to publish the collection to be able to see it yourself.

Thanks, Alison, I was just stumbling around looking for Instructables instructions, too. There should be a set of basics somewhere here, but I hadn't found anything until I saw your post and Kiteman's reply.

Thank you, Kiteman. I could really use instructions that are both dumbed down and more extensive & detailed. That is, I'm starting further back in computer "tricks" and jargon than most folks here, but I'm interested in knowing how to do or find almost everything. I can't be the only one in that category, so maybe you could pass along the request? Again, my thanks to both of you.

Everybody is new sometime!

First thing, if you are replying to a specific comment, hit the "reply" button instead of the "add comment" button. If you use the reply button, the person you are addressing will get a message about the comment, instead of just seeing it accidentally in passing...

Secondly, if you need any help, search the forums (see the search box near the top-right of the page), and if that doesn't work, feel free to ask one of the Community Team (a group of staff and volunteers who help around the site):


How do I delete an instructable in my favorites section?

Just go to the instructable and click the 'favorite' button again, which will now say 'favorited', when you place your mouse on it you will get the option to unfavorite it.