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Creeper Disasters Answered

What is the worst thing a creeper has blown up or done to you? Mine would have to be activation my base self-destruct system that was (not as far as I knew) through the wall in pinned me against!

also, a pretty picture for you:


i accidentally typed into single player commands:
/spawn creeper 100000000000000000000000
must i say more?

How could typing that in be a mistake.

The worst was when i finshed my front wall of my house, Equipted with an arrow dispense. I walked out and there it was SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS boom. By By wall and bridge.

CHANGE: My stuff in the bedroom well into the lava fountain I had. I also fell off
the main building and the fall damage and the fire damage killed me. My Stuff Burned. I also had 3 diamonds to make a diamond pick.

Mine would have to be when i went into my castle and it was PERFECTLY LIT
when i go into my bedroom and a creeper is on my bed. 1 second later it blew
up my bedroom. And the awesome giant window which you could open and close
with pistons was obliterated.

Mine would be the fact that I was building my Petting zoo, for Spawn Monsters. :D

Ok so here's what had happened:
I was editing my place and getting the glass system set up for my little critters running around. I placed a Creeper spawner in their cage and automatically 8 creepers spawned. The thing I didn't notice was that they we're behind me, IN MY PETTING ZOO!!!!
So the moment I turned around, all I heard was..

Sssssssss.. BOOM!!!

And my whole petting zoo went hey-wire and crashed.

Now.. I have to REBUILD! The petting zoo....

This is a FML moment...

Mine was problably when I was exploring a cave. I had gold, iron, coal, the whole bit. I was trying to make my way back home when I heard the evil hiss. The creeper blew up and sent me into a lava pool, destroying all my wonderful stuff.

Well, here's the worst thing that happened to me... I had just finished building a very complicated device that allows you to kill mobs and collect there drops, and somehow (despite the fact that it had been lit up quite well) I turned around as I was completeting it...saw a creeper, heard the hiss, heard an explosion, saw the Game Over menu.

The worst part is that I been carrying some very valuable stuff with me, including a diamond pick, and when the explosion happened it blew my stuff into the lava I had just poured out that was part of the device.

It also happened to obliterate a section of the most important part of the trap.

Oh yeah... that just about sums up my luck with the game =)