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Does anyone have a suggestion for a ferret/cat friendly plant stand on wheels? Answered

I've got ferrets and cats and I am trying to grow plants indoors. I'm looking for a simple design (preferably on wheels) which gives me good shelf space and support, but no access for ferrets/cats. I've seen good metal rolling stands for $70-$150, but I'd have to "waste" the bottom shelf or two which is in pet reach. I'm out of wall space to mount shelves out of reach.


Can't hep ya with the shelf unit, but whatever you choose, jsut surround it with plexi on the interior sides...even the ferret won't be able to climb that...

I should think the best way would be to train your animals NOT to jump onto things within reach. There's a very good instructable on cat and dog training using the water gun method. This might be effective. Most cats learn quickly enough they'll get squirted if they jump on a shelf.