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Fondant vs. Frosting Answered

Do you prefer fondant or frosting? I personally don't know which one is the best for cake decorating.


I personally like fondant AND frosting, but i agree that fondant is more versatile for decorating. I also like the taste and texture of fondant, but I do know some who don't like it. Frosting is also good, but sometimes, it collaspses

I prefer a nice hard Royal icing, around a dark, heavy fruit cake...


7 years ago

I usually find fondant to be beautiful, but less tasty than frosting. Of course, one can make a tasteless frosting, but since fondant is optimized for structural/decorative use instead of taste it's more prone to this problem.

I really like those ridiculous princess cakes with the dome of green marzipan. Yum.

I agree. I've never worked with fondant but it does seem to be more versatile but frosting is yumm!