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I need help. I've wanted to make a good 3D game for a long time now, and I don't know what to do next. I've downloaded the latest version of Blender on my computer, but my computer is very laggy, has an inconsiderate graphics card, and I have no idea how I'll be able to play it other than on the blender game engine. I took careful notes, I already have a pretty good idea what I want to make, but the idea is so huge, that I don't think my computer (or any computer) could handle it. I have excellent artistic skills, and I've made a lot of thumbnail drawings, conceptual artwork, and details. But I have absolutely no skills at programming, and I've never made a game before. What should I do now? I'm working on learning how to use blender, but since I just got it today, I might be a couple of decades...If I can't make this game, is there a company that I could sell my plans to in some hope that a game might be made? If I can't make a game, I suppose a good 3D movie would work as well...... But I just don't know yet.


If you created artwork and a good detailed description of how it should turn out, you could try selling it to games developers.


How would I do that? Would I find a publisher and contact them? I think that's called external design... It sounds like a good idea, but I don't know who I would talk to, or how to contact them..... Hmmmmm........I'll check a couple of companies that I know, but here's the problem- if I try to sell it to a company, whatever artwork or information I give them becomes theirs. So, if the company refuses to use my idea (most likely the result), then I don't know if I can give the same artwork to a different company without problems... But I've got whole sketchbooks full of concept art, and I'm working on making a word file of the script/story.........

Showing someone your artwork doesn't make it theirs, that sort of thing is negotiated for cash and signed for. Your main problem is going to be that they say no, then rip it off with their own artwork and a-bit-different script... L

Found what I "need". Called a "sample design document", you basically write about your game, the target console, audience, market, story, game flow, charactars, enemies, and everything else that has to do with making the game, playing the game, and selling the game. This is mailed to the company, and yes, there is a contract that can be signed so that the company doesn't steal my ideas (I'd need a lawyer though, and I'm still not out of high school yet!). If they're interested, I would have to give the design team the game treatment-a longer summary of the game. Here's the catch-you have to schedule an actual meeting with the design staff (or full staff) of the company and arrive at the company in person. The game treatment is a powerpoint presentation that shows pictures as well as HUDs, possible cutscenes, and interfaces. Also, I should make a copy of this on paper (nice paper), and it should be bound with a clear plastic cover to show the title page art...It needs to say "pick me up and read me! (then make a game out of me!). Copies should be given to the members of the design team after the power point. Then, if they still like it, you write the script. The script says everything about the game. From the engine to use, to the game, to even the budget. Of course, it is not final, but it is a start.

Here's what I'll do. Well, I don't know what I will do, but I do know what I will NOT do (yet anyways). I don't have a lawyer, so I won't be showing any companies this idea until I'm an adult (and until I have a lawyer). Also, I won't be traveling to the actual studios until I have my career path set, I've graduated from college, am married, have a sustaining job, and can afford to travel to the game company. In the meanwhile, I WILL continue creating concept artwork, working on the story, etc, as a hobby. That's all this is going to be-a (serious) hobby. But hopefully, somewhere in the future, I'll see my game on the shelves in stores and all that jazz. (and a little extra money on the side isn't bad either-for a serious hobby anyways) But the only really interesting hobbies (I think) are the serious ones! So thanks for your help, now I know what to do! That is- keep drawing and writing!

So, then I don't have so much to worry about......that's good news.....If what you say is true, then I might be able to email Bethesda softworks, possibly Valve, maybe even nintendo or sega or something...........(it's supposed to be an RPG/1st person shooter/adventure/sci-fi game-Bethesda Softworks gets my email first!) I DO know that my art HAS to be vivid, clear, and possibly have subtitles and information. My script must be very clear so as to make it easier for the game design team to finalize, and to make it easier for everyone else whom would use the design to program, animate, build, test, etc, later on down the road. I also have a scanner here, so mailing my original artwork won't be needed-unless they require the real deal... I got a few books on game design, and they all say to write everything about the game. Start by writing a 2 sentence summary about the game. If they're interested in it, write about a 2-4 page summary. If they're still into it, then write the full script 100+ pages. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!