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Gas to electronic power RC plane Answered

I just received a 48 ounce rc plane from my grandfather and I need some help from you all. I need to convert it to electric powered from gas and I dont know what parts I need. (I do know that I need a motor, (I have one picked out) speed control, servos, a receiver, a transmitter, and a battery pack (lipo) I need to know what will work with each other that wont kill my wallet. The motor I picked out is a HXT 35-42A 1450kv Brushless Outrunner (Eq: 2820). So all the help I can get would be appreciated. See the photos for more info.


Throw gas and electric out the window and go with a pulse jet.It will have ungodly noise, and you can max out any speed that you could get from gas or electricity.The only downside is the limited flying time.

Where are you flying that noise is a problem? Hospital corridors?

Personally, although IC planes are noisier, it's a better sound than the annoying whiiiiiiine of an electric motor.

dont know. the cops came up to me and said that if i wanted to fly the plane it has to be electric.

Ah, the famous peculiarly regionalised nature of American laws.

What the sheriff says, goes.

today was a good day to fly but no i have to spend my time and money to make the fuzz happy.

im having a hard time finding the things i need for the plane because i dont know what i am doing.

i guess thats what i will have to do.

the problem is the noise.