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Hand and number under image Answered

What does the hand and number mean under the images?



It's the number of instructables someone has published. :)

I noticed that the images tend to be 48x48. I used these dimensions when uploading an image.

My question is: Do I need to use these dimensions, or will the system automatically make the necessary adjustments? I have noticed that some of the images on the site are larger than 48x48!



The system will show the image at the appropriate size. It's god to make it bigger than 48x48, because it will be shown on your profile page in a larger size.

Note - avatar images and project thumbnails are all cropped to "square".

Something to bear in mind.

Indeed, good point.

The hand is the default Instructables image. If a forum topic has no image, or a member has no avatar, then the hand is used instead.

No, they meant the hand and number under the avatars (like your red-backed 17).