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Has anyone ever "repainted" their old kitchen appliances for a new look... Answered

preferably in black or stainless steel look. How did it turn out?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I've used the appliance paint for things like filing cabinets and steel desks to great success. If you take your time, use lots of thin coats (read 4 or so), and prep properly, it will turn out fine.
If you have a garage available, do your work in there with all the doors closed. (you might really think about wearing a respirator) You'll also want to tarp everything you don't want paint over-spray on, because it doesn't come off like regular spray paint. Lastly, I highly recommend one of those gun triggers for the spray can, your hands will get tired less and you'll have more even paint application.

We've done it with good success (black paint over white fridge). My husband tested it on the side that wouldn't show first, just be slow and even while painting, and don't let it dry until the side is fully evenly coated. It's been 3 years and I need touch up where my counter rubs, and on the handles. I did price getting stainless replacement handles, (about $50 I recall) to go with our stainless/black look but never did. Small chips over time, can be touched up with a permanent black marker. I painted all the gaskets black & everything. The only area that didn't take well was the top of the frideg where the coolant/freon area circulates. It appeared black but slightly speckled? But frankly no one sees the top and you can place a place mat over it if you really wanted it unnoticable from above. I believe it took 3 cans. So for $30 it was a great savings seeing our fridge was only about 4 years old. I have 8 kids so it is well tested on being bumped & scrapped etc....We don't allow magnets but they have made their way onto it without scratching it.

I would like to know if anyone has been able to paint a fridge that seems to have a plastic type of material on the door and handle. old fridges didn't have that stuff...I'd love to paint mine red


9 years ago

You really need a baked paint to be tough enough, and that means pulling it to pieces since the plastic on them isnt as tough as the stuff on cars. I would rather look at the stick on sheets of stuff as an alternative.

I've not seen it done personally, but I know they sell apliance touch-up spray paint. I don't remember it coming in anything but white. Black's a very hard color to get to look right and I don't think stainless steel is a look an amateur can attain. However, nothing is impossible.

Which appliance(es)?

Like iPodguy I've seen a fridge resprayed an it didn't look that good.


I haven't done it personally, but I have seen it done and the results were less than thrilling.