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I need a name for my ball machine! i wont post it until i have a good name. any suggestions?


Oblivion, Twist, Jinx, Attack , BallForce

Random names

lol, ill get more then decide =D

Yeh, on and off. Waiting for the Gumball machine to be posted (hopefully it will)

And KSC Lock mech which ill try and incorporate into a safe.

Or just any k'nex machines. eg: SM39 And dudez series of awesome machines, that kinda stuff is what I Like more than guns and all that.

Omniversity? Argeekion? :P

Nice names! ill nearly have enough to decide lol XD

Thanks, shall I give some more ?






Gevaros Pendara.

Any more ? =D

Nice name! slideshow will be up in minutes with the name ive chosen =D

Gravity. I just typed it in on google to see what came up for other languages!

I love it!


Sound good! =D ill get a few more and judge from them...

Can always trust your friendly neighborhood Kiteman to find you something silly yet appropriate.

I know =D any projects lately?

Meh, nope, I just made that Master Sword and left it sitting around. But I'm really bored so I was thinking of something I could make. I really want to finally get to making that fully automatic weapon, but I still have yet to get any help. Rather annoying. I think I've had the idea for over a year now. Even more annoying that I can't just figure out how to make the RBG mech myself. >_<

lol, i hate when i get an idea but just can actually make it...