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Henry Hoover Storage Answered

Hi has anybody muilt or found a cool way to store a henry hoover it takes up so much space dumped in the garage i want him to be happy in a hover paradise!


Could you build him a comfy strong box, possibly with a power socket in it ready plugged in.
If you built the box strong enough to stand on you'd have a handy step for those high shelves above it.
With a bit of ingenuity maybe you could use the rigid pipe as a handle
With a flip top lid you could hide accessories in the back corners behind Henry
With a sturdy drawer on the top you could keep spare bags etc
Do it yourself I can see change from £50 - a local chippy might charge nearer £150.
You could really go to town and bling it up - I imagine you could have a pressure switch that flashes lights and plays a fanfare each time you take it out, the same switch could make it say good night and turn the lights out. and with a slight delay thereafter get it to play snoring noises

How about a hung set of boards either creating a slot of with a set of slots routed into them, big enough at the top for the wheels to fit in, but lower down only wide enough for the area between the wheels and the vacuum? I kind of a long Key hole type pair of slots...

On a plinth in the living room?