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How do I make a mural-size picture on a cloth curtain? Answered

I want to outfit my open closet (81x77in.) with a curtain of Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Hanagawa". Since my searches for an existing product have proved fruitless, is there a DIY method of doing it cheaper? I don't have very much artistic skill and I don't know if a printing service would do curtains when it's not actually artwork I own rights to.


ORRRR you could just have it printed as a tarpaulin and use the tarp as a curtain! tarps are kinda stiff though. anyway i think that's the most accessible and cheap way of printing in large sizes in waterproof formats...

you can recreate the artwork on the cloth by using a grid system to enlarge the drawing.


this isn't very exact but the link will help you get the gist of enlarging drawings with a grid.

this process is completely DIY and doesn't take much skill (grid drawing is actually good practice for beginners in making art) but is very time-consuming since you have to draw and paint everything yourself. if you want to make the drawing really accurate with such a size difference, you'd want a finer grid with more divisions, and that my friend, is a pain in the arse. but since the artwork itself is relatively simple since it uses block colors and solid shapes, i think you'll do fine. just believe in yourself! /cheese

just reply to this if you'd want more info on the paints and such...

Sounds like a great project to try. I'm not sure that the projection method would work though, because of trying to get an image onto a large surface. I hope someone has an answer for you because i'd love to see the finished product. Best of Luck with it.

I would consider the best option to be projecting the image onto your fabric and then tracing the design onto it. Then you could use fabric paint (make sure it is thick enough to cover easily and without bleeding) to "paint by numbers". Practice on an offcut of your chosen fabric first to get a feel of how the paint spreads on the fabric.