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How to make a BB gun turret? Answered

Hey guys!

Basically, i want to make a kick-ass BB gun turret. I have 2 big guns that look like the M16 (automatic)
I want to make a turret that will scan for people/objects and shoot them when i say so (so i don't kill my cat). I have money, skill (I have made my own electric tricycle) and time. I was thinking that a combination of the Mindstorm NXT, a webcam and an RC car would do the trick. Here's some details why i think so:

Mindstorm: Detects motion and can turn the turret 360 degrees when i say so.
RC car: can pull trigger and also turn the turret 360 degrees
Webcam: I wanna be able to film/see the person i shoot.

Any thoughts on this? If you know a way that will allow me to exclude the NXT that would be great.

I'm 14, i live in China, Servos are harder/impossible to get by, and my parents are supposed to know i'm making this (i'm making this for a "client"...)

Edit: Won't be needing the NXT...
Still: anyone have any good ideas?


Well I know China blocks alot of websites so I hope youtube isn't one of them.

But I found you some links that should help you in your project.

check this link, it gives a pretty good view of the rotation mechanic.


check out this guy on his youtube channel. He made an automatic paintball sentry (can detect and follow people). I imagine that it shouldn't be hard to replace the paintballgun with a bb gun. He has some cool videos showing his work in pratice.


That's all I can tell you for now. I hope it helps :) And as I say always, take plenty of pictures :) If it works I would love to see an instructable of it :)

 Michel, Thanks for the answer. Sadly enough YouTube is blocked in China. Nevertheless, i will proxy myself to the site :p

If i make this, ill first post pics and you'll be the first to know :] 

allright I'm sorry to hear it is blocked but I'm sure there are ways around it.

If you need me to download some of the movies and send them to you I would be glad do it.

I'm looking forward to what you come up with :) Even a simple remote control turret that you need to operate yourself would be extremely cool :D

 Also, can you post a link to the actual vid? this guy has over 3000 videos...


There you go this video shows the capabilities of the paintball turret very nicely although it's one of his older videos.

but for what you're aiming for this is perfect!

Link works fine for me but just so you can copy and paste it here it is:


the title of the video is

Auto Targeting Sentry Gun (video 8 of 16)

I'm looking at doing a similar thing from scratch. Are your guns electric? if so I would recommend using transistor to bypass the gun trigger switch. Makes it easier to build as a mechanical trigger mechanism isn't required and also it will only work with bb guns and not real guns.

well, you probably will have an easy time with controlling it yourself versus it being autonomous. an easy way to do this is with an attiny, the smaller version of an arudrino. the servo problem can also be solved.

motor control board+ motor+ gearbox= basic servo.

added bonuses with above trick:
more free range of motion (e.g., 360+ degrees v.s. 120-180)
can be smaller than the average servo, depending on size of the motor, board, and gearbox.