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I need a batch file to control another window. Answered

I need it to open another window, I know how to do that, but can i get it to do things in that window, such as display text and other things.


I'm not too sure if you can do that with batch files but I know you can do that sort of thing in VBS files.

Sorry I'm of no help here, but can I see how you made it use two windows, just MSG the code to me, I'll see if I can help.

Those 3 have it covered - What is your task? Maybe someone has already automated it.

As NachoMahma and lemonie said, you need to find the right programming language for the job. While any complete language can theoretically do any calculation (given infinite time and memory), some things are just easier in one language than another.

Visual Basic scripting would make a good step up from batch files. It should be fairly easy to pick up if English is your native language. It is definitely better than batch if you want to learn how to creatively program, and not just mix and match "magic formulas" from other people.


If you are really interested in programming, you could take this opportunity to start learning a "real" programming language. Python, for example, is often used for both scripting and stand-alone programs.


Another possibility is to start building a strong foundation and work your way up. I mention Scratch as an example of this, because it has elementary school users.


. Batch files are for manipulating files and, as L points out, just weren't meant for "modern" tasks such as handling windows. There may be a way to do what you want, but it sounds to me like you're getting to the point where you need to step up to a full-fledged scripting/programming language.

Batch files have their limitations you know? A batch file is a batch of commands, it's not a programming language. At some point you'll have to stop asking "how do I do this with a batch?" and just ask "how do I do this?" Visual Basic? L