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Instructables bumpers available for your project videos! Answered

The team here at HQ has just completed a new set of Instructables bumpers for the videos you include in your tutorials! There's at least one for every category on the site (with the exception of Home; that's coming soon) and you can download them and add them to the videos you embed in your instructables. They were super fun to make and we're looking forward to seeing them in your projects. Leave us a link in this forum if you use any of them!



I couldn't figure out which one to use...

Are you new to the ibles staff?

Pretty new to the site as well - joined in March.

Here's a weird one, though - Neepha has apparently had an Instructable featured, without ever actually publishing one!

At the risk of upsetting staff... meh.

Anybody can gather up other folk's work and put a title on it.

The only way to do it is to gather up your own work...wait

** scrambles to find where the create collections button is **

Welcome to Instructables where things are wonky and randomness abounds. But that's normal...

Thanks for the welcome caitlinsdad and Kiteman, and yes, I know of you both even though we have not been introduced. I'm Instructables's new(ish) Editor-in-Chief and have been very busy getting to know the site and its amazing community. But now that I know that I'm (mildly) a person of interest as well I'll make filling out my profile more of a priority!

Furniture and baking, an interesting mix...

Iron oxide and aluminum powder, an interesting mix...

Ahh, you have a face now! That's so much nicer!

Note to HQ - it would be nice if new staff were introduced (and if they put their position in their profiles?)

Also, nice new avatar!

Do you check the About page every time you encounter a new member? (Neepha/Lisa, I'm aware that this all sounds directed at you, it's not, I'm nagging HQ in general - ask the rest of the office around you, they'll confirm I do that.)

I think they would have left a hefty dossier on her desk for required reading. The one labelled Bond. Kiteman Bond.

Or maybe a whole bunch of us in a file labelled persons of interest...

You should make an instructable showing how to use them if even the greatness that is caitlinsdad can't figure it out.


2 years ago

What is an 'Instructables bumper'?

It's like a corporate image that goes at one end of a video.

Aha. Thanks, I had no idea.

Oh, where's the instructable for the Robot super-hero shirt in the "costumes" bumper?