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Is it possible to up-cycle a Powerbook G4 17" that is in great shape, but just can't keep up with technology? Answered

I have an Apple Powerbook G4, 17". It's about 6 years old, it still runs very well, it's in great shape, and in my opinion it's an awesome machine. Unfortunately, I will have to get a new computer pretty soon since I'm a graphic designer, and I need to stay current. Also the video streaming is draining my patience. I would like to know if someone has ideas of what could I do with it soon after i get a new computer.

I wouldn't like to see it become a tray or something like that. I'm wondering if the screen can be saved for new purposes or any parts could be used for other purposes. My only option right now is to take it to the apple store so they can give it a proper burial, but I don't think it's time for it to go just yet.   

I'm excited to hear ideas.
Thank you,



6 years ago

How about giving it to someone who really needs a laptop? Sounds like it's plenty functional for lots of things.

1. Run old programs on it. I have found quite a few programs that wont run on lion or snow leopard

2. Run a boot camp/vmbox on it. Turns it into a windows machine....

Funny.... Instructables served me a Windows 7 advert to the right of your question :D