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My ds was crushed by something and the screen fell off. Is it posible to play pictochat without the top screen? Answered

My nintendo ds lite was crushed by a seat folding back in our car.



Because the messages you receive are shown on the top screen you wouldnt really be able to use it very well at all.

I can just view the list on my dsi but i am just wondering if it is posible to fix it because the tittle screen does not apear.

I know that you can access picochat without looking of the top screen however I have never tried it physically without the top screen.

Just incase the process involves switching on the DS, tapping the screen to move on from the safety warning which will then take you to the main menu, then you can tap on picochat, picochat you load and you can then choose the chat room you want.

Pico chat is now ready to use, go through this and tell me at what step it didn't work or a problem came up.


the safety warning does not come on and all I really am wondering is if there is anything in the top screen that you need to connect to other ds's or dsi's.

you can still salvage it!

just buy a new case, new top screen, and speakers

I don't really want to buy new things for it because there would be no way to connect the wires because they were cut and I just want to play pictochat. I don't really mind having no sound or a screen and I really don't need to view the messages that other people send because I can view them on my dsi. the problem is that I can't even go to the menu of the ds.