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Quiches in a fan oven. Pastry base remains raw. Answered

I have recently moved from conventional oven to fan oven. The pastry bases come out raw. I use a glass baking dish and set the oven on multi-function, i.e. all elements ad fan on. Advice please.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Glass is not the best thing for pastry. If you want to use it, put a metal baking sheet under it. If you bake blind (sans filling), i find the best way of all is to have two identical metal pastry dishes. Line the first with your pastry, then put the other dish on top of the pastry, like ..er, a pastry sandwich... The pastry stays flat, and crisps well. 5 minutes sans upper dish helps to finish the case nicely. Oh, and your temperature should be set a bit hotter with a fan forced oven.

Nice tip. I alwasy wondered how to accomplish that without have the shell puff up. ty!

Great suggestions. Many thanks. This is my first time on this site. I do wish I had my old oven in which I baked quiches in one step, i.e. with filling included, successfully for 30 plus years. I have done blind baking from time to time, but I have not tried putting a second base inside the first one which is a good tip and I shall try it.

If you are asking then maybe blind baking should be explained. Cover the inside of the unbaked crust with alu foil and then fill it with dry beans. Bake for about fifteen minutes. Remove the beans ( they can be used over and over again) and allow to cool. Parchment also works. The other problem you are having is that glass acts as a heat sink and takes longer to heat up than the usual aluminum pans. Covering the quiche with foil might mitigate that. My suggestion would be bottom element on, top element off and don't use the fan. And place the dish lower in the oven where the glass will suck up the heat faster.

Did you cook quiches in the old oven and did they come out right? The reason I ask is because the only recept that I use that I've ever liked you bake the pastry first then add the filling.

The hot air is cooking from the top too quickly, steve has probably given you the best answer here. Unfortunately you're going to have to learn how to use an oven all over again, and you'll probably wish you still had the old one but stick with it and you'll get the hang of it.