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Radioactive Legos!!!!! Answered

Help me please! Yesterday, when I got home, I found these (legos in picture) in my lego city! Luckily, little other damage was done, but what can I do?! I have never come across this problem before! And when I tried to discipline the rouge legos for their radioactive behavior, they wouldn't listen!!! How do I stop the insolent radioactive leogs?! That;s right, they're even calling themselves leogs now!


Sell them to North Korea.

flying pigs exist!!!!!!  I saw one fly through my game room last night at about 4:36 A.M. I am possibly going insane!!!!!!

Hurl them into space towards the sun...a little extra radiation won't hurt.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis disallows any new spending projects in my lego city. We simply cannot afford to launch any more rockets...

I really can;t wait until I get delete powers, when the review team idea finally comes through....

Do you7 have delete powers yet? Because you threatened to delete this almost a year ago. Anyways, it published under "random fun", and somehow, I fail to see how this is not random fun.

I didn't actually threaten to delete this...I was making a joke, Bumpus, Lithium Rain and such understand.

Lol, obviously, someone didn't get their delete power yet :P Anyhow, this is posted under random fun, and is thus fully justified.

I once saw a pig that could fly. Sad though; they never taught it to land.

In other news, the flying pigs are migrating early this year. AS all of you know, pigs have recently gained wings, as a result of a new engineered food.

Huh. Will you look at that. Well, he's still not getting them!

Melt them. That'll learn the bunch of them.

But that'll only make melted radioactive legos!

Sledgehammer. BAM!

Unfortunately, that's wont take care of the radiation... It'll just make a whole bunch of radioactive lego dust, and I don't want to dirty-bomb my lego city... :/


9 years ago

uh oh better run my room is filled wth legos

Bury them, deep, deep, deep inside the Earths core!


I just apply filters, it is not like me to post things like this... And I really don't like those k'nex instructables... However, in in this era of change, we must all adapt to the world around us and we need to change ourselves based upon those observations. We must also learn that to cooperate and work together on new and important issues better, we must learn to change. In conclusion, I think we should change, and I will help us change in as many ways that change is necessary and if more change becomes necessary, I will make sure that we change.

in my opinion the knex topics/ibles are a change for the worse...

There are people that would disagree. I am not one of them, but please keep your opinions to yourself as not to harm anyone's feelings regarding k'nex instructables.

Thanks, its good to know I can count on you....

Build a nuclear power plant?

thanks, i really need this, i can relate....................on the side of the radioactive legos!

LOL true that.................. this is funny though

Just random fun...