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Running a computer 24/7? Answered

I'm trying to set up a server for a game me and my friends like to play on. Oddly enough, getting the server to work isn't the problem. The server works great. However, I'd like the computer to run the server 24/7 (or until I tell it to stop) I've gone into the power saving properties and changed it so the computer never hibernates/goes on standby/shuts down. I've also made it so that the computer never shuts down the display, or the hard disks. However, when I leave it overnight, I wake up to find that it has gone to it's screensaver, and when I wake it up, I find myself back at the login screen. (Despite checking a box telling it NOT to do that.) Also, when I do log in again, the program running the server has been shut down. 
Is there something I'm missing here? How can you make a computer stay wide awake 24/7?
I'm running windows XP by the way.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Go through the BIOS and check to see if there is a power saving setting that has been enabled. Usually this is for notebooks where the BIOS keeps track of the battery and shuts the system down if it gets to low. But there may be something like that in the BIOS of this one. You might need to do a BIOS update also.

Disable the screen"saver" for a start.



5 years ago

Do you have a Antivirus program scheduled to run every night?
Sometime my antivirus that i run ever night will reboot the PC depending on what it finds in the scan.

Sounds like it is rebooting since it's asking for a login even though you've disabled that from sleep. I know my computer will wake itself from Hibernation mode to install windows updates and then reboot so it's possible that a program, maybe even the server client, is requesting a restart. Next time try going to the task manager and shutting every user processes down except the client.

As I wrote this I've had a thought. I would place a bet on anti-virus software as the culprit. They are often set to update or scan during the night and it could be forcing a reboot because you are not there to click the 'Reboot Later' button.

If you don't have anti-virus software installed then try leaving it on all night without the server client running. It's also possible it is crashing and forcing a reboot.

If your Event Viewer is active, you can check it out for information about why it shuts down.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools. -- Double-click open the Event Viewer link. (If you're in Classic View and don't see Performance and Maintenance, go directly to Administrative Tools from the Control Panel)

On the left of Event Viewer you should see 3 categories: Application, Security and System. (Event Types need to be checked)

Select from the categories to view the information, warning, error and other alert messages. If active, this should show you the logged system activities and events (including any overheating issues or shut downs).


5 years ago

Check all of your power/energy settings and make sure they are all disabled, not only the screensaver mode.
If you're sure the PC isn't overheating, plug in a digital clock to the same power source as the PC. If the digital clock has been reset, you can tell the power was interupted, briefly shutting down the PC. (Remove the battery backup from the clock, if it has one, before checking.)

It's possible that it is crashing and automatically restarting while running unattended. This is likely to be due to overheating if the PC is constantly running under a fairly heavy load. Try cleaning out the heatsinks and check the processor temperature.

I've already made sure the heatsinks are clean. I don't think it's overheating. The computer can handle pretty heavy loads. What seems weird is that the shutdown always seems to happen at night...