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SCHOOLS OUT!!!!! Answered

Finally its over! now i have the entire summer to play with knex and go on instructables(YAY!). i am hopeing to get lots of instructables posted during the summer, i already have one started.


He is finsished his exams! that is why, he is not in elementary or middle school

yes, i have already finished my exams. and i think you skipped English class this year...lol.

lol. i was joking about the English thing.

School out Already!?! I still have 2 and a half more weeks. LUCKY!!!!!

crap i got until june 24th. the weeks just drag on and on

My last final is tomorrow morning. Then I am finished. Ok, enough Instructables break; back to taking notes on Macbeth.


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Ok, I will change it back.

I felt lost without my old avatar. However, if I go to a different school next year, I will have to change it.

Yes, we are the Indians. I don't think that it has any historical relevance to my school's area.

When they were trying to decide my school's mascot, I think it was originally going to be the fighting bass.

well we've got another 6 weeks and still haven't done or exams :(

Ive been out since May 14th. Strange HUH

Ummm You may wish to warn your government about the pandalopes... Don't worry sunny isn't involved in that one...

My entire room just disappeared.....I am using a typewriter as I write.....And you are paying for damages.....You are the a lope part of the pandalopes....

Technically yes and no, see I'm the lope part alright, however I will not be paying for the damages, simply look for a small box on the insurance form, it'll be marked natural disaster, after this point when the people come back to you explain that it was a pandalope attack or the Lepus Ailuropoda Neotragus strain.

I realised but let you have it anyway. it adds to the wierdness of the conversation....

You guys are lucky!

In case anyone was wondering, I changed my avatar for the first time since I have joined the site. I think change is good.


10 years ago

i get out on weds, and then i got finals... then regences... after that ill be singin Alice Cooper "Schools out for summer" oh great i have a final tomarrow...

3 Finals left. 2 more days. I am exhausted.


10 years ago

I was out may 16. coolz wuz here

I have one full day left (monday), which is finals for third and fifth period. Then I have tuesday, which is a half day. Then it's summer jobs and learning how to knit!


10 years ago

i get out on the 19th

... me too... coicidence, i think not? we had like 5 or 6 snow days so we have to stay late.

School's Out??

I have nearly seven more weeks!

Same, I guess your English!?

Yes, and I teach, so I can't bunk off for a holiday in term-time either.

I've been out for two weeks! And I don't start school until September! WOOHOO for the new Labor Day law!!!


10 years ago

For some reason, Work seems to go on all year long...