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Things to do with an old psp Answered

I have a 1st gen psp that I never use with a broken LAN switch and the stock memory card (32mb), Would anyone happen to know of hacking i could do to it to make some use of it?


um, mod it UP, it's awesome having any game you want! You might have to make a pandora's battery tho

Ive heard a lot of Pandora's battery, could you possibly explain it?

yes, it will take 4 weeks for it to be on your doorstep, but it's cheap and shipping is free

no.... But they are very good besides, pay with paypal, and then you KNOW you won't loose any money (dispute transaction function)

I remember back when that first came out... good times.... now it's all ipod touch/iphone

What to do with an old psp? How about giving it to me? I know it doesn't have anything to do with the topic, but when I read this title, I just couldn't resist!

couldn't resist like a black black black gold resistor! hehe, nerd jokes.

Now that's just sad.....goodhart would be ashamed of you!

haha, nah, in my LE class I just make a lot of nerd jokes cause well, most of them are a bunch of nerds. HAHA, guess it got over the website... haha

cough cough custom firmware cough cough visit www.acidmods.com I use to be a member there (still is, just never visit the site, lol)

By the way, weren't you the first one to complain about *cough*cough* jokes?