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What do you call the way water leaves a toilet bowl when it's flushed? Answered

OK, it's a weird question, but I'm getting nowhere with google.  The Ibles community is big enough that someone here must know.  And why do I care?  I'm going to be buying a bunch (flock? herd? stand?) of toilets, and I want to know the term for the way water goes down the drain so I can communicate with  salespeople. 

We all have experience with multiple styles.  Some swirl the water around making a bigger and bigger whirlpool that then then empties the bowl.  Some send a big jet of water from the front that blasts directly down the drain.  Some just fill up and then calmly empty the bowl.  Somebody designs toilets to direct the water one way or another.   There must be words to talk about this stuff.  Anybody know?



"Flushing action" ?

Thanks to you all - especially Vyger's description. "Flushing action" got me to what I needed. There are some pretty amazing (and understanding of parental issues) You Tubes out there... flushing alphabet magnets, chess set etc.

I don't dispute the term "Flushing action" but it feels like it could be confused with terms like "Low level", "High level", "Close coupled", "Siphon" and "Dual flush" ... these are all terms used to talk about the water storage tank, not terms to use about the bowl.


1 year ago

What do you call it when the water doesn't go down but instead gets higher and higher approaching the lip of the rim ---- Ohhhh ***** ???

It's hard to be technical when you realize you found the rubber ducky your toddler lost, in a most inconveint place.

Have you tried the Wikipedia article (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flush_toilet)? Steve is correct that "flushing action" is the generic term; you're asking for the names of the different available flushing actions. That's determined by the different bowl designs, and may not be separately named.

Urban legend attributes the direction to the Coriolis effect, but its so tiny in an object the size even of a large bathtub, its negligible.

I think he does not mean this effect.
It is about the difference in the system.
Like the EU style, flat toilets compared to the dump and splash US style - and how the water is directed to clean the waste out.