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What is a good way yo make a firecracker from caps, without needing to break individual caps apart? Answered

Yeah, the title just about says it all. I have made ones that you smash with a hammer, but I want something that I can set off with a time delay (Fuse). Thanks!


wrap the "drums" (used in revolvers) with tape to make a large cylinder about the size of a D battery, then hollow out the center and place weights (bullet sinkers function admirably here) and tape them in place, the finished product will be moderately heavy for its size, then throw very hard at the ground, it will make a loud pop.

its better if u acctuly put gunpouder off the caps than realy lightly with ur hands break it to dust...than take some duct tape put the gunpouder in and a fuse (or sparkler for effect if u want)than ur done just simply light it up!

i personally take a mix of roll caps and ring caps. i put the ring caps into a film canister, fitting them with all of the ends facing the same direction, then put a roll of roll caps through the ring caps. i then put a fuse in the lid, and close it. for best results fill with small metal flakes and seal with rubber cement.

Wow, that sounds good. I dont have the roll caps though, and my dollar store sells them not :-( Sounds good, though.

you can replace them with powder from more ring caps, i just use roll caps because they're faster to load, and they are solid. the metal flakes are so that it shows up nice and shiny. to change the color change the color of the metal. they also work as improvised grenades, found that out by mistake. the sidewalk will never look the same... until the sidewalk fixer people come and fix it.

i'd just buy a bunch of individual rolls of film, but that's because my dad is a photographer and i could just give him the actual film. but still, a paper cylinder made by making a tube around a can and taping it shut works just as well. how i found out that they work as grenades: i basically had prepared about fourteen of them, and then made them into a huge bundle. big mistake #1. i then lit the long fuse. big mistake #2. then i put it down instead of throwing it as high as i could. big mistake #3. ended up with a soccer ball sized crater in the sidewalk and an overturned table with a LOT of plastic shards sticking out of it. i would NOT want one of those thrown at me.

1)that was more than six months ago

cut all the cap out of the rind and wrap in tin foil and hit it with a hammer

I don't know if you can find these in the United States, but when I lived in Europe there were rolls of caps (I know they have rolls of caps in the U.S.), and the cap part was raised (contained more of the explosive powder), and we used to make "firecrackers" by getting a marble, and wrapping the cap roll around the marble, with the cap side facing the marble. Keep wrapping it around, covering the entire marble with several layers, and then wrap that with tape (I used clear tape). You then can throw this on the ground, and BANG! I know that there are different classes of fireworks, and the ones you get in the US are not as cool as the ones in Europe (this might have changed since), so it might not work if you don't have the right kind of caps. Of course, be extremely careful if you chose to do this.

what you made was a "penny bomb" normaly used with 2p coins but i made one and hit with a golf club some of them fizz/poof some of them bang and the big ones do BANG.


8 years ago

Well what you could do is cover a matchstick with tin foil and then hold another match to the foil (where the covered match head is) and it will act as a cap! Warning though, prop the foil one up with something as they do create quite a kick


8 years ago

you could just put a roll of caps in it, so you dont have to break every individual one.

maybe a timed hammer that swings and hits the caps after the time is up? that could work right?

well the fire cracker you made but just cut off the tabs (the small round things) and put the in side of the friecracker as you see in the pic the lines show you where to cut it up(dont break them open)


I have some old friends that tried the old (but NOT GOOD) method of putting a pin through each cap and threading it onto the pin, at the end it would be pulled out....but watching them burn their fingertips to a crisp kept me from repeating the action. :-)

From the mini blast caps? Probably from packing them into a tube or some such. Like a kinder egg. You'll probably be better off using the paper roll kind. They come in this roll that used to fit perfectly into a film canister. But I didn't use a time-delay fuse, I used a length of wire and a battery. You can also slice rounds off the roll. I also used to use the end caps off the little plastic dispenser balls from the quarter-vending machines. Sandwhiched a cap-roll round between them, and the wire plus battery ignition system. With a small slurry of shaved matchheads in hairspray as 'cement'.