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What to do with an electric toothbrush? Answered

The head of my electric toothbrush broke and replacement heads cost almost as much as I bought the toothbrush for, so I'm not going to buy a new one. I now have a headless electric toothbrush and wondered what make with it since it seems too nice to just throw away. Unlike most electric toothbrushes, this one doesn't rotate back and forth but instead reciprocates forwards and backwards about 2-3mm. Anyone think of something useful I could make of it? I tried to use it as a metal etcher, but it doesn't move fast enough for that unfortunately.


a electric saw glue a blade to it

If it charges by induction, use it for an wireless power charger or something. You can also make a under water torpedo

Most people seem to be using these "sonic" toothbrushes (as if sonic tools would work) like the Oral-B Pulsar or Philips Sonicare things. I'll assume these work differently to a regular electric toothbrush. Might try to take it apart. Gonna go get my trusty hammer.


The thought had occured to me, but I considered it a somewhat wasteful (if such a term can be applied) use of a toothbrush. I'm quite liking the idea of attaching an emery board or grinding bit to the end. Unfortunately I have no idea how it's rather cool induction charging could be utilised, or using it as a pocket generator. Electronics are not my forte.

Attach an emery board to the end. Instant cordless power sander.

It probably charges by induction, so you could use that for something

it should have some really tiny motor. you can use it as pocket generator (something you put in your pocket and it makes electricity from your motion)