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What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder. Answered

Hi I know that there are great and experienced pyrotechnics on this site so I need your advice if its good with you all.
What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder is it German dark, Indian dark, or 1250 mesh 10 micron aluminium powder.
To all those into pyrotechnics I am glad to meet you through this site because I am obsessed with fireworks.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Star Molecule (Military Grade Aluminum Powder) hands down, end of discussions. I've used them all, and even watched the German TH, German Dark, and TH Dark WITH an oxidizer added, and it still did not come close.

Site: www.StarMolecule.com

Video I saw, then tested myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_kVM7TmZe0


I need to make flash powder for photography, like in the old days, so I need flash powder which produces a lot of light, not explosion and damage. Can someone suggest which aluminum powder is the best. I have obtained lab grade potassium nitrate, all I need is aluminum powder, of if someone has some other formula, I'd be more than happy to listen.


The smaller the micron, the better. The Star Molecule seems to be amazing since it is 1.5 micron. That is really good when most of the German and the Indian powders have the lowest of 3 micron.

Also sometimes called German Dark aluminium, and the finer it is, the louder, so you want lower micron numbers or higher mesh numbers

that should have been a reply to hellrider75.
Also, there's nothing better than trying it out: so if you mix a little of each to test them and then the best way to light small amounts is to put the powder and a little bit of visco onto the centre of a piece of masking tape then fold the tape over to seal it all in with the visco sticking out. For a louder bang wrap a bit more tape around it.

For best results, the aluminum powder should be "Dark Pyro" grade, with a flake particle shape